Tuesday, June 21, 2011

He's Home

Well, he is finally home! We are so proud of him and what he has accomplished. It is so great to have him here! His Homecoming is on Sunday at 12:30. Leave your e-mail if you need the address to the church.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Dear Family,
Well guess what! We are having an easter confrence this week and so our P-day is short and I have -9 minutes to write you! But everything is good! I am happy! The Project is sweet! It was super cool seeing all the faces of the members when 18 misionaries showed up at chruch! My area is awesome! We are just visiting all the members, teaching them about faith and telling them exactly what we're doing and what is expected of us and then tellling them we love them and asking if they have any refrences! Its going good! I love this gospel and I love you all thanks for all your doing for me and they examples you are! Have a great week! Sorry i didnt write more! I have loads to say but no time!
Love elder Knudsen
Dear family,
Wow so it sounds like things are pretty cold there. whats that like again?? Its getting pretty hot here and I'm back to my old self who just doesnt stop sweating when on a bike! I love being on bike! The work is so much better and more exciting! Thats awesome that Justin and Linds are having a Boy!! congrates!! It sounds like everyone had a great easter too!! Thanks so much for the package U really apreciated it!
We had a huge celebration here for Easter! First we had a concert with all the missionaires in the mission singing for all the less active and investigating families who wanted to come! And then the next day (saturday morning) we all went to this huge stadium to do service! That was awesome! Some guy came up to me that was walking and looked around and saw over 100 people working on this parking lot and said,"I have been going to church for 3 days in the Catholic church and finally today when I didnt expect it I saw the Real Ressurected Jesus Christ in all you young people. I'm going to take that to my church and tell them That I saw the real resurrected christ in the Mormon church!" It was super cool. Its so true to. We share of a Christ that LIVES and not that lived. He did ressurect and he does love us and direct His chruch today on the earth! I Know that that is true! And I love the chance I'm having to go around and share that with EVERYONE!!
Anyway after the service we went and did the "FLASH MOB" in Las Americas plaza. The biggest mall in the carribean. We all and and arrangement of 4 hymns picked out and memorized in parts! So we were all there eating and then about 4 people stood up and everyone was wondering what was going on and then a few more and the after the fist 2 verses there was over a 100 people standing in the middle of this food court singing these songs and it sounded GOOD! and when we finished we just all went back to eating lilke nothing happeded. it was sweet! then later that night we had a Luau (hawaiian BBQ) We had a pig cooked in the ground and everything!! It was EXTREMELY GOOD! I didnt know rocks could cook a pig so well! And while there the hawaiians had like three of us do the HAKA (hawaiian war dance) with them in front of everyone!! It was crazy, I was hitting my legs so hard that I gave myself some bruses haha It was sweet though. I have never realized how special Easter really is!
We have been working super hard to make some things happen in our areas!! I was called to be the District leader of the 14 of us who are all living to together in this project and it is pretty intense to coordinate the work between the members and all of us! I'm working super close with the ward mission leader and we're learning our responsabilities together! It seems like we might have found 2 families that are good prospects but we still need to find two more and help them experience conversion before 10 weeks! If you could pray for the familia of Santa and the family of Carlos that would be great. Especiall the husbands in those families. Also pray to help us find the families please! I love you all so much! I have to get going but have a great week!

love Elder Knudsen
P.S. Mom for mothers day, if you want to talk over the computer again like we did on Christmas just tell Justin to get connected with the Pietz and figure it out with them again or if you just want to talk over the phone that is fine too. Whatever you'd like we'll do!!

Dear Family,
Well this week has been great!! Its super hot here on bike but I love it!! I hear its pretty cold there still!! That is crazy that you had 8 inches of snow on saturday!! Thanks for praying for the families we are teaching its really helping!! With Carlos and his family we set 3 baptismal dates and Mario and Sandra are progressing super quick!! She actually got up durring fast and testimony meeting and bore her testimony saying that she knows the chruch is true and that she had tried another chruch but just felt horrible there and left running and came back to our church!! It was a cool testimony.
We are also working with the Patriarchs grandson who has been inactive for awhile now and actually is living with a non member and they have a kid together but we stopped by and to start the lesson we sang a primary hymn an after about the first few lines he started singing from memory the song!! The spirit was so strong after his wife was seeing this new side of him and his baby was smiling and laughing!! The spirit was so strong!! The project is going good. I have been working SUPER SUPER hard to try and make sure the members are helping us and that we are working under the keys and everything but its going kind of slow because we can only meet like once a week. The thing is the Time is clicking. We have over 20 baptismal dates in the ward for right now so we're on our way but we still need A LOT more and if the members help it will go A LOT faster and be more lasting! Please keep praying for Carloses family and Marios family (Sandra) and Orlandos (Patriarchs grandson) family those are our main investigatores right now and please include me in your prayers to get the ward on board!! Things are going good!! I love this work and I Love the fact that I can just go and testify to whoever about my beliefs and what I have come to know is true!! I love you all thanks for all that you do for me and I'll talk to you on mothers day!!
Love Elder Knudsen

So I was thinking about 7:00pm my time would be a good time. I think thats like 5:00 Your time but I think the best way to do it is I will probably call you right around that time and then you can call me back on the number I call you from. If you want to use skype Elder and Sister Pietz would love to get it organized just have justin give them a call on it one day.

Dear family,
So it was so good talking to you all this sunday!! that was awesome!! I cant believe my neices and nephews are already memorizing the articles of faith!! It sounds like everyone is doing good and healthy. Things here are going great! We're all working super hard!! Its been really cool trying to keep us all relying so much on the Lord. We meet together all of us every night and make sure we're on the same page and then we share a testimony and then we say our nightly family prayers over all the people who have baptismal dates and today everyone is sending their families a few names to put into the temples (because we dont have one here yet) So here is a list of names if you could put them in the temple: Luis Andujal, Margie Andujal, Manuel Andujal, Edwin, Josle, Carlos, Jomaris, Bryan, Laika. Cliford, Mirella Guzman, Mikael Guzman, Maeoli Guzman, Jose Guzman, Elder Knudsen, Elder Oden, Elder Oviatt, Elder Zenger, Elder Radmall, Elder Radmall Elder Ward, Elder Crawley, Elder Teusch, Elder Ralston, Elder Carlson, Elder Burton, Elder Jackson, Elder Bailey.... I hope that is appropriate to put that many names in the temple. If not let me know.
Things are going good and we're happy as can be! Thank you all so much for the gifts! Thank you aswell Grandpa (Elder) White and (Sister) Grandma white and also grandma Knudsen as well that was so nice of you. Anyway I better get going but I love you all and hope you all have a great week! Talk to you next week! The chruch is true and there is a TRUE Prophet on the earth today and I know that if we follow him we will not stray!!
Love Elder Knudsen
Dear Family!!
Hey everyone!! It sounds like everyone is busy with playing tennis, yard work, going to soccer games, dance recitals, School and being pregnant!!
The work moves on here in Puerto Rico. This last week the Lord really blessed Elder Oden and I. We found a number of new families and we just keep inviting them to be baptised!! Its going great! Its really been great making sure my district stays focused and working hard!! We are all growing a lot. It was really cool the other day when we stopped by the patriarchs house and he has a daughter and 2 grandkids and all there families that are all inactive. Like 6 or so people that have just really gotten off the path. Anyway we have been working with them and we passed by the other day for the Patriarch and the daughter was losing faith so we just said to her straight that we have 14 missionaries that are praying for you and your family everynight. Then we shared about faith and left them with a pray and the Patriarch (the most humble guy in the world) looked up with teary eyes and said thanks for everything you are doing elders. On sunday everyone but one was back in chruch!!! it was sweet!! I love this work! Everything is really going great! It is super hard but super worth it. I have to go but I love you all. Thanks so much for writing and for praying for me!! before I forget here is the list of people to put in the temple as well as all the ELDERS I put on the list last week: Fam Andujal, Fam. Alisea Virvet, (Alberto Maria, Karolin, Karolee Garcia) Sasilia, Joel, Cristian, Laika, Claribel, Taero, Juan Jose, Jose Junell, Franjeri Luzmaria, Moises, Stalin, Mable, Glaendalis, Juan Carlos, Gilberti Marcos, Nicol, Jadiel, Jay. Thank you so much family your a huge part of this work!! Have a great week and I will talk to you next week! Let me know if I can do anything for you all!!
Love Elder Knudsen
Dear Family.
This work is AWESOME!!!! Sometimes I feel like I should prepare myself for the 18 of June but I think I'm just going to let it hit me like a tone of bricks!! I cant lower the pace at all, in fact I need to step it up!! We just got in contact with one of our converts from Curacao and he said he has baptised 5 people and is looking to meet us at the Salt Lake temple July 25!!!!!!!!! He is a great man! And I will let him know about the offer to stay at our house thanks mom and dad! I think elder Zenger would enjoy the offer as well but I doubt either of them will take it because I'm sure they dont want to be a bother.
I was really looking forward to meeting with Pres. Smith after the mission because when I left he told me to go straght to the mission president and say 3 things, 1-I'm here to be obediente, 2- I'm here to work hard and 3- you dont have to worry about me president. I wanted to report to him on the as well as get a picture of the painting he had in his office with the horse!! Anyway I know that President Kiszerian is called of God and he'll do great. He actually has a son my age I belileve. Oh and about the suit... I found one that someone left behind here and its not too bad.
The Elders that are coming in with me are.. Elder; Oviatt (Orem), Radmall (Eden), Burton (Cottonwood), Crawely (Orem), Radmall. But I'd really only be able to make it to maybe Elder Burtons homecoming and maybe Elder Radmalls.
Anyway the work here is awesome!! We are working super hard and it is raining super hard too! I think for the first time in like two years I was Cold and I mean REALLY cold and it had to be like 70 degrees still. We Have been working hard to meet our own goals and the rain has been trying to stop us!! My Companion Elder Oden from Hawaii is awesome and is pretty funny on a bike. he's one of those that just loves pain. Anyway While we were out working his breaks went out and there were number funny things that happend where he would just chose to run straight into a way to avoid hitting some and times where he lost controll going down some hills and then he got so dirty that he bought a bar of soap and tried washing his clothes as we went around soaked in the rain and finally we went finding in an appartment building for awhile and so we dried off, Cleaned up and went back out and then he just got SOAKED by a passing car. I just saw his siloet get swalled by this mountian of water. He said he felt like he was in Hawaii again!! But because of all that the Lord is really blessing us! An investigator came up to me during chruch and said, " Listen i want to be baptised I know it is true and i cant deny it." and so I said how about the first of june and she said Perfect. Not only that but she has a family. And another family came to chruch that same day and the husband wants to be baptised as well!! Keep praying for those names and especially us and this district!!
I love you so much thanks for your great example!! Good luck with the Block party!! That sounds sweet so everyone can get to know each other!! great tool! This chruch is true!! All it has is good fruit and by there fruit ye shall know them!! Have a great week!
Dear Family,
So everything is going good! We are all at the presidents house doing email. They just roasted a pig for all of us. It was delicious. Dad you baught a cadillac? Thats sweet!! I guess things arent going too bad there at home then! Thanks for all you love and support family!! Things are goijng so fast her and we're working super hard and trying to bring some miracles out here. We should be able to reach our goals if we keep doing things right. I know your prayers are really helping out!! If you could add Edwin and Frances to your prayers they want to get baptised on the 18 of june!! I bet go so all the other missionaries get there chance to write too. If you get some packages from me there at the home dont worry I'm just sending some things home so I dont have to worry about them. I love you all and have a great week!
Love elder KNudsen

Mothers Day
Talking to Darin on Mothers Day was great. He is living with 18 other elders all working together to reach some huge goals...