Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Alright family!
Well the whole phone call went super fast. I felt like all I could do was say I love ya and then move on ha ha anyway it was awesome! I hope you all have a good Christmas and a happy new year!! It is like a war zone here ever since a couple days after Christmas! No fireworks are illegal so Everyone is setting off what sounds like bombs at whatever time of day or night and where ever they want as well. Its really like a battle field.
So there isn't much to update expect Oscar baptised someone and loved it. He had been studying D&C all day and been writing the words to the prayer all day but it went perfect. He was super nervous and so I was praying for him and he said when her got in the water and positioned the hands he felt calm and relaxed. After the baptism he said he felt amazing. The same feeling like when he was baptised. he loved it and said that he wants to feel that feeling a lot more!! He has been an example to the whole ward! Its going to be tough leaving this area. he comes ever week to our correlation meetings and has been going out with all the missionaries a lot. After the baptism we taught him about family history work and the temples. We told him about baptisms for the dead and explained everything to him and then I saw something click in his head. he looked up at me with watery eyes and said. I can be baptised for my Father. It really got to him. I told him that he could and for the other members in his family that have passed on who arent members. he said he is going to make a list and if he can't go to the temple he is going to send it to them because his family could just be waiting for him. It was awesome, The whole rest of that day I was thinking about the temples and what a blessing they are. I was thinking about how much I would LOVE to go through the temple today. So while you all are there where there is Loads of temples all around, don't take it for granted. They are a blessing.
Anyway I have to get going but I love you all and the next monday i will probably be traveling but Im sure I will they will find a way for me to write. Love ya and have a great week.

Love Elder Knudsen

If you can pray for gerald and natali thanks

Monday, December 21, 2009


Alright lets see if I can answer all the questions first! The whole baptismal service was outside. They all are and in Aruba they actually dont have a font so you have to baptise in the ocean!! This time of year is a little difficult to find people because not very many people are outside and when you do find someone they say this time of the year they are too busy but we are working with that and trying to help them see the real spirit behind this time of year. So far the Christmas has been awesome!! The Church had a party which was super cool and yesterday our Jamacin member made a feast for us with all of our favorite foods from home!! It was SO good!! Also this week we have food appointments everyday! The Lions that we heard are actually in a zoo but you dont have to tell everyone that! And the 12 days of Christmas is awesome!! I read a letter or open a present everynight when I get home and I love every second of it!! Thank you so much Family!! I cant tell you how good it is to hear from you all!! I love it!! Also We're thinking of making the test call like the 23rd at around 6pm your time.

So this week was great!! We definately had the help of the Lord!! We always do 12 hours of finding everyweek and this week we prayed about where to go for our finding times. Anyway about everyday we found someone prepared and someone who invited us in and listend!! I love this work!! I honestly feel directly in the sight of the Lord out here and that he is just directing us on where to go and everything!! Thankyou for the prayers!!

Family I love you so much and am so thankful for you. I am so glad to be out here to be serving people!! I wish I could do this forever!! I owe the Lord so much with what I have been blessed with!! I will never be able to pay back but I am trying!! I got to go but you better believe I'm stocked to talk to you all!! (although my comp and I dont mention it and wont untill friday, we have to stay focused) Anyway have a very mery christmas and when you all get together look around and think about how blessed you are you have a family with all the same beleifs and a family that you can happily spend christmas together with!! here that would be unheard of. The members of the church here are the Pioneers in their families and sometimes have to spend Christmas with other people that arent there family to stay strong! I love you all thanks and seriously enjoy this time of year!!

Love Elder Knudsen

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hard week, but it paid off (12/14/09)

Family I'm sorry But I don't have A lot of time this week so I'm just going to hit on the main parts of this week. First off we had a baptism!! Oscar Vinck was baptised and confirmed and recieved the Aaronic Priesthood and was called to be the 2nd assistant to the ward mission leader!! He is awesome. We started teaching him this transfere and it was amazing!! He chose me to baptise him and I was super nervous because he is a bigger guy but I know the lord would bless me with strenght because I do my exercises in the morning. I hope you enjoy the pictures. The baptism was at night but the parrots were still cherping and we could hear the Lions as well it was amazing remind me to talk more about it when we talk on the phone. He was so greatful and sincerely said thank you to me after!! I LOVE BEING A PART OF THIS WORK!! The Lord does everything but it is awesome to at least be a part!!
We also went to Aruba for a day and the church pays for that so no worries and we had zone confrence and christmas confrence and after the presdient took us all to a super amazing resturant like bennihaunas where they cook the food in front of you but even nicer!! It was weird as a misisonary but still cool. Also the ward had a Christmas party which was really cool! The president was here in Curacao for all this so that was always fun as well!! Anyway somuch more happened but I have to go. I love you all and thank you so much for the 12 dsays of christmas!! I opened number 2 today!! Thanks so much!! You have no idea how greatful I am for of you. Oh and by the way we are starting over this week with all of our investigators and everyhting so please pray to help us find people!! I love you all so much! have a great week!!
Love elder Knudsen

P.S. You might want to check into getting a long distance plan or something on your plan because I am going to call you like on the 23rd or something as a test call and have you call me back to make sure it all works but then the real call will be on christmas and we'll work out the specifics next monday!! Thanks so much!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Family, (12/07/09)

Dear Family,
Well this week was... A trial of faith! We were sick for the first part and it seemed like almost all of our citas fell through but its okay because this next week is going to be awesome!! This week is a little crazy, we're going to Aruba tomorrow for the day and last night we stayed out till ten to watch the Christmas confrence and this weekend we have a baptism and the president is coming to the island.
Oh yeah sister Neff is the one of the only two sisters on the island! She came last transfere!! She is really cool! She is actuall just like Our cousin Sister Brown. I'll have to ask her about Jill!! Its a small world!!
Yeah so we have a man named Oscar that is 100% ready for everything!! He reads the scriptures the Liahonas and goes to the church websites always comes to church and always is wanting to learn more about the church!! He wants to meet with us like everynight!! He reads the chapters that we give him about ten times over and takes notes on every verse!! He is awesomed!! He kept us a float this week!
Anyway everything is going well here and I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas confrence As much as Mom and I. I need to get going but I love you all so much and thanks so much for your letters and DONT FORGET TO RECORD THE HALELUAH Chorus for me!! Have a great week everyone and enjoy this time of year!!
Love, Elder Knudsen

I know this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ came to the earth to suffer for our sins and I know that only through him can we return to live with our father in heaven. I know that because the True Church has been restored on the earh we can know the way back to our father in heaven. Always remeber to have faith, repent and then keep up the keep up the good work. The Savior paid the price for sin on the cross and when he resorected he made it possible to get the bodies we need to enter into the kingdom of God. This is so true. The Savior is everything and without him we're nothing. Remember what this time of the is really about.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Re: Letter from Home (11/30/09)

Hey family how is everyone doing?! Sorry it is going to be really short this week I have very little time! Anyway first off that is AWESOME about the win!! And second off I hope you all listened to that talk last week I know dad did and thats awesome but I hope you all did as well. Third off everything here is awesome and my companion is a stud!! We are really working on the simmons they are struggling a little but tengo fe! Anyway I love you all I hope you all had a great week and thanksgiving! I will write more next week!! Oh and as far as Christmas goes that is perfect, just whatever works! Have a good one this week and remember that the church is true and to listen to the spirit always!! I have seen some super sweet things with the spirits guidence this week!
Love ya all. Love elder Knudsen