Monday, December 21, 2009


Alright lets see if I can answer all the questions first! The whole baptismal service was outside. They all are and in Aruba they actually dont have a font so you have to baptise in the ocean!! This time of year is a little difficult to find people because not very many people are outside and when you do find someone they say this time of the year they are too busy but we are working with that and trying to help them see the real spirit behind this time of year. So far the Christmas has been awesome!! The Church had a party which was super cool and yesterday our Jamacin member made a feast for us with all of our favorite foods from home!! It was SO good!! Also this week we have food appointments everyday! The Lions that we heard are actually in a zoo but you dont have to tell everyone that! And the 12 days of Christmas is awesome!! I read a letter or open a present everynight when I get home and I love every second of it!! Thank you so much Family!! I cant tell you how good it is to hear from you all!! I love it!! Also We're thinking of making the test call like the 23rd at around 6pm your time.

So this week was great!! We definately had the help of the Lord!! We always do 12 hours of finding everyweek and this week we prayed about where to go for our finding times. Anyway about everyday we found someone prepared and someone who invited us in and listend!! I love this work!! I honestly feel directly in the sight of the Lord out here and that he is just directing us on where to go and everything!! Thankyou for the prayers!!

Family I love you so much and am so thankful for you. I am so glad to be out here to be serving people!! I wish I could do this forever!! I owe the Lord so much with what I have been blessed with!! I will never be able to pay back but I am trying!! I got to go but you better believe I'm stocked to talk to you all!! (although my comp and I dont mention it and wont untill friday, we have to stay focused) Anyway have a very mery christmas and when you all get together look around and think about how blessed you are you have a family with all the same beleifs and a family that you can happily spend christmas together with!! here that would be unheard of. The members of the church here are the Pioneers in their families and sometimes have to spend Christmas with other people that arent there family to stay strong! I love you all thanks and seriously enjoy this time of year!!

Love Elder Knudsen

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