Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Alright family!
Well the whole phone call went super fast. I felt like all I could do was say I love ya and then move on ha ha anyway it was awesome! I hope you all have a good Christmas and a happy new year!! It is like a war zone here ever since a couple days after Christmas! No fireworks are illegal so Everyone is setting off what sounds like bombs at whatever time of day or night and where ever they want as well. Its really like a battle field.
So there isn't much to update expect Oscar baptised someone and loved it. He had been studying D&C all day and been writing the words to the prayer all day but it went perfect. He was super nervous and so I was praying for him and he said when her got in the water and positioned the hands he felt calm and relaxed. After the baptism he said he felt amazing. The same feeling like when he was baptised. he loved it and said that he wants to feel that feeling a lot more!! He has been an example to the whole ward! Its going to be tough leaving this area. he comes ever week to our correlation meetings and has been going out with all the missionaries a lot. After the baptism we taught him about family history work and the temples. We told him about baptisms for the dead and explained everything to him and then I saw something click in his head. he looked up at me with watery eyes and said. I can be baptised for my Father. It really got to him. I told him that he could and for the other members in his family that have passed on who arent members. he said he is going to make a list and if he can't go to the temple he is going to send it to them because his family could just be waiting for him. It was awesome, The whole rest of that day I was thinking about the temples and what a blessing they are. I was thinking about how much I would LOVE to go through the temple today. So while you all are there where there is Loads of temples all around, don't take it for granted. They are a blessing.
Anyway I have to get going but I love you all and the next monday i will probably be traveling but Im sure I will they will find a way for me to write. Love ya and have a great week.

Love Elder Knudsen

If you can pray for gerald and natali thanks

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