Monday, June 28, 2010


Dear Family,
Wow that is crazy about Patrice!! I am glad that everything is going well now. Its good that all of you are supporting and helping with the kids and everything!! Thats what a family is for!! So five more weeks... Thats pretty long!!! ha ha
So yeah I Have my new companion and it is ELDER ZENGER AGAIN!!!! If you don't remember he is like my best friend out here and he was in the MTC with me. I am still a district leader but I'm also a zone leader!!! So Elder Zenger and I are learning together how to be zone leaders!! But my new area is actually really cool! There is a lot of younger people who are excited to help. The other day we took out 3 young men at the same time to help us with the work and these young men are so strong in the church!! I love it. Oh yeah and we have a CAR!!! So much for not getting fat!!! ha ha The area we are in is in the mountains!! It is so confusing to get around up here!! There is very few main roads. The roads are basically just winding through the jungle!! We even have a rough time finding service for your cell phone!! It is still hot here thought!! But even though we are out in the mountains the houses are like the nicest that I have seen here in Puerto Rico.
This week was pretty crazy. We said goodbye to the president!! Weird! But it was super cool. We had transfer meeting so I had the chance to see all my old companions and everything. I am so close so so many people here!! So many of the missionaries are so awesome!! I think Thursday Elder Zenger and I will be heading up close to San Juan for a training from the new president and I will get to talk to him about talking to Grandpa and Grandma (Elder and Sister) White!! Also see what kinds of changes he has in mind. I am super excited.
Our president shared some amazing things with us before he left!! He talked about 5 things we need to do for the rest of our lives to keep the same spirit that we have had on our mission!! Honestly being out here is like a different world. Its like a bubble and I want that for the rest of my life!! Anyway one of the things he shared was in 2 nephi 4. Everyone loves this part of the the book of mormon because Nephi is really expressing his feelings!! Anyway he starts off by talking how bad of a person that he is and he all of the sudden changes to how he has confidence in the Lord and it is because he remembered or looked back in the plates he was writing to the experiences he has had and found his testimony again!! He had been preserved in the jungle, on the ocean and getting the plates form Laban and at this time in 2 nephi he is thinking about how he either needs to fight with his brothers who are stronger than him or leave and take the people who will follow him and start over without the help of his brothers who were strong men who knew how to build and everything. He would have to do it all with him and sam and his younger brothers. He was in a rough situation but then he remembered in who he has trusted before and it gave him the motivation and the strength he needed. We should all try and keep a journal and write our spiritual experiences that we have everyday. It will give us strength when we need it. We should also study the scriptures everyday so we can prepare for the day!! I am learning these things now and I know the help us so much in our lives!!! I love this gospel and this mission!! IT is true!! Keep magnifying your callings to the best of your ability!!
Anyway family I love you all and hope you have a good week!! Iwill be praying for you!! I think next week I wont email until wednesday maybe... we'll see. Have a great week!!
Love Elder Knudsen

Family sorry I forgot to ask you to pray for some people. First Luis and Melitza who are going to be married on the 17 and baptised the same day and also for a 13 year old who will be baptised the 10. he is the son of a recent convert. There is also a family that is prodestent but loves our teachings and just is afraid to leave there church. They really need some prayers!!! Thank you so much I know your prayers really bless us out here!! I also really need help with my spanish if you can throw my companion and I in there it would be greatly apreciated!! Thanks so much I love you all!!!
Elder Knudsen

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Dear Family,
   Sorry about last week but everything is going well.  And yes I got the new shoes and they are sweet!!  Bad thing was the first day I got them we did more walking then I think the whole transfere.  But thank you so much they are really nice!!  I still have to get used to dry feet when its raining ha ha.
   I am getting transferred to a new area.  It is rough saying bye to everyone!!  Really rough.  I think yesterday was one of the hardest days in my mission in some ways.  One we ate like 6 different times.  and the other just saying by to everyone was way way way hard.  I am really glad though that it was so hard because I think that means I'm doing what I'm supposed to but I wasnt expecting it!
   This last saturday we had 4 baptisms!!!  Thank you so much for the prayers!!  Sandra and her son Jose where baptised and also Able and Anival!!!  They are all finding shirts and ties to come to church and everything!!  Its so cool!!  All these young men are like my younger brothers!!  I told them I would come back after my mission... So if anyone wants to make a trip with me after ther mission your invited!!!
    I am super excited for my next area!!  And my new companion.  My companion that I have right now and I grew LOADS in unity so it is going to be hard to say bye to him too.  But I will go where the Lord wants!!
    Chris and Brit got back from visiting my mission huh?!  And they havent even written me yet ha ha just kidding.  It sounds like everyone is doing great thought.  Thanks so much for your examples!!  I have been reading through the first General confrence talk that there ever was in Mosiah this past week and it is awesome!!  I want to invited all of you to read through the first part of Mosiah when King Benjamin is talking to his town and think of all the principles that he is talking about and how we can all apply them to everything we do.  It is awesome!!  I love those chapters and I know you all will too!!!  I love that last part of basically all the books in the Book of Morman because the people are saying what they think is the most important becuase they understand these are their last words!!
    Anyway I love the mission and Know this is were I should be at this time in my life and I am so happy to have all the time all day to help people!!  I love you family and hope you have a great week!!  Please pray for me in my next area!!
Love elder Knudsen

Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey family how are you?!~ I love you all and I had a great week. It went super quick but good. I honestly have like no time because I had to give up all but about 2 hours of my P-day today. But things are going good. Anival and Abel should be baptised this week and Estebon will get the preisthood next week too. he came to church in his white shirt and tie this week it was awesome. he is the brother of Anival. Sandra and Jose should get baptised too but we really need to pray hard for them. If you could help us out with that it would be really appreciated. Anyway I have to go but love you all and hope you have a great week. Thanks for the letters!!

Love Elder Knudsen

Oh by the way i think some changes are coming this next transfere so i would stop sending things to my personal address and send them to the mission home.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Family,
So this week flew by. I dont even know what happened. A lot of the members were in florida going to the temple and Sunday they returned and it was so awesome!!!!!!!! They were all super happy and I was so glad to see them. One of the recent converts had one of those plaques for little kids that says FUTURE MISSIONARY pinned on his suit jaket and he was wearing it like our plaques ha ha he is awesome and he brought us both ties with matching tie pins ha ha. Its crazy how you love everyone on your mission!! And this ward treats us so good!!!
I havent gotten the shoes yet maybe today. Thanks for sending those i really needed them. Everytime the ground is wet so are my feet haha. And my right foots soul is likes Dads right foot soul. So thanks!!
Its sounds like everyone is pretty busy!! But thats how is should be!! The pictures form the cabin look awesome!!!
Anyway Anival and Abel are doing really good and progressing a bunch. They are reading and everything!! And when they and there family come to church they make up a huge part of the congregation and like all the youth ha ha.
Sandra and Jose are still progressing! They are awesome and really just need to feel a little more comfortable with everything. Its awesome because all of these young men I feel like they are my younger brothers!! They are so cool!!
The Mission is aweomse! I love it!! I was reading in 2Nephi 33 they other day and 2 nephi 4 and just thinking how nobody would say such bold things like "these are the words of Christ" unless they were true!! Nobody could lie like. Nephi KNEW that the things he was writting were from God. And no man would ever be reading and preaching out of a book that they made up right before they were going to pass from this life to meet God unless IT TRUELY WAS THE WORD OF GOD. The book of mormon is true!! I know because the spirit has testified of it to me time and time again. The spirit is the only way we can know, the only way we can really be converted. Like Alma taught in Alma 5 verse 45 or 46 or something around there. He said that he knows that these things are true because of the spirit and HE HIMSELF had seen an Angel!! He didnt say he knew these things were true because of an angel. he said because of the spirit he knows these things are true!! Our time to tell everyone is SHORT!! We are in the last days!! THis is crazy and thats why I love the mission!! I can devote all my time to telling everyone while there is still time!!
Thanks for everything family and I hope you have a fantastic week!! Let me know if you need anything!!!

Love Elder Knudsen


Dear Family!!
This mission is awesome!!!! the church is true!!! So a quick update with Sandra and her son. They are preparing to be baptised on the 19th but they are not quite exactly sure yet. But they are preparing for that so please pray for them. Anibal and Abel are also preparing for the 19th and they are awesome!! They totally want to be baptised and they know they need the Holy Ghost. They have a lot of temptations in there lives and not too many good examples so pray for them too!!
Breakfast on the creek!!! That is awesome!! I hope you all enjoyed it!! I know grandpa ate an extra serving for me so I guess I will have to do with that!! That is crazy that it has been 4 years since grandpa Knudsen passed away. Sometimes I think of him out here helping me out!! and i dont doubt that he is ha ha He loved missionary work just like the rest of our family. I remember someone talking about how he would stand on corners giving out book of Mormons ha ha.
This week has been awesome!! We have really been looking for opportunities to serve people on our ways too citas and it is awesome!! I Love service!! It makes you feel so good!! The other day my companion and I rode past this Old guy trying to do something with his door. This guys was SUPER old and looked alone and like he hadn't bathed in a while and hadn't washed his clothes for awhile either. Anyway we rode bye and went to our cita and on the way back I noticed he was still working on the door. It looked like he had been there for hours and he had all kinds of levers worked up to get his front door onto the hings. He looked exhausted and it was getting dark but we stopped and decided to try and help. When we first asked if he needed help he just looked at us. Then he kept pushing and pulling with all of his strength and so we tried again and he just kinda pointed at the hings and grunted. Come to find out he was both deaf and mute. So we just kind of looked at the door and he was trying to put it on upside down. So we couldn't really communicate with him and so after trying to tell him we just took his door out of where it was. Which must have taken forever with just him. and flipped it around, put it up and the hinges and then put the pins in and closed the gate. While we were doing this you the old man just got happier and happier and when he finally saw that it fit perfect he just put his hands up to his mouth and hopped up and down and grunted and you could see through his hands that he was smilling and he had tear filled eyes. He couldn't say anything but you could tell that he was SO grateful. I saw him in the street the other day and when we made eye contact I could see the thankfulness he still had in his eyes.
CHARITY IS AWESOME!!! This week has been awesome because of it.
Also this week we taught a recent convert and her friend who is always there but for some reason my comapnion and I were focusing on here and everything we did kept coming back to baptism. So and the end of the lesson we invited her and she said she would love too!! She loves listening. Her name is Lucmaria.
Anyway I have to go but I am glad you are all good and I love you all!! Keep up everything and remember to serve!!

Love Elder Knudsen

(5/24/10) - Crazy Week... Still Can't Think Straight

Dear Family,
So this week was awesome. WAY stressful and way crazy but totally worth it. To start off we had 6 baptisms in our ward! 3 from the Hermanas and 3 from our part and 1 members son. I had to do 3 of the interviews and get the zone leaders to do the others!! Then we had to get all the papers done and all the people who where baptised chose a different person to baptise them and another to confirm them. It was a lot of info to get but it strengthened the ward a lot!! The open house was awesome!! and the president ended up coming to the baptisms and the chapel dedication the next day!! It was a wonderful weekend!! During the week were were running from place to place getting everyone ready for baptism and we were still Set on getting our "foundation" (140 contacts 20 lessons and 12 hours of finding and 17 member present lessons) becuase if not we would have to start from ground zero. This foundation is something that my president has asked us to do because everything builds off of it. So to say the least it was hard.
In hte second to the last lesson with two of the people who were going to be baptised they told me they wanted to wait.... I WAS DEVISTATED!!!!!!!!! wow I couldnt even think all night!! But they came to the baptisms and they seem like they will be baptised later on. Sorry this letter is all over the place there is just so much to tell!
Sunday night we were pushing to get this foundtaion done and the last lesson we were teaching to get it done the 2 boys that didnt get baptised out of the 3 who we taught the plan of salvation with chalk said they want to be baptised!!!! I dont think I have ever been happier. So to clear everything up really qucikly Jean paul and jean pier were baptised. They are two brothers and there mother is a less active. Estebon was baptised and he is the son of a recent convert. he has a brother and a cousin who decided not to be baptised named Anibal and Abel. However anibal and abel told us sunday night they want to be baptised!!! And Sandra and her son are the ones that wanted to wait!! Please keep praying for them!! I know you already are because I can tell but keep it up please!!
Now I am confused and I'm not sure what I have written and what I forgot, but family, I LOVE THE MISSION!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!! These people here are making decistions to change there lives and I am lucky enought to be here as an instrument of the Lord to help them!! The problem is when things go bad it kills me aswell but when they are good I love it!!! THank you for your prayers and thoughts!! I know they are helping!!
As for my spanish.. it is getting worse I feel like. I dont know what it is. I got the chance to speack papiamentu the other day and I still think I can speack that better...
The ward here is going to the temple next week!! basically all the leaders!! They assigned us to talk and i dont even know who will preside ha ha I guess we sill see.
So It sounds like you all are doing good!! Chris working in on his Yard. Stacey with here Piano recitals and Justin and Lindsey with there adventures. I love you all and pray for you everynight. Remember to do your scripture study everyday!! No matter how long but everyday without fail!! Those that do will stay on the path!! If anyone hasn't read the book "our search for happiness" I strongly suggest read it. It is an easy read and awesome in everyway!!! My testimony grew so much by reading it and I want to be better too!! Read it!! ha ha But I love you all and have a good week! Talk to you next week!!

Love elder Knudsen


Dear family,
This week has been awesome!! It has been raining about everyday and raining and when it rains its HOT however less Hot then normal so its good!! We had an earthquake saturday night but I didn't wake up which suprises me because I believe it was bigger then the one in Aruba that I woke up for. Anyway it was cook. So I have a new companion named Elder Lopez from guatemala and I'm training him! Its super cool!! He speaks awesome spanish but knows english as well!! Anyway we are loving it. I love that he is so excited to be out and work and not waste time!!!
This week should be awesome because the president is coming to our ward and we should have around 9 baptisms on saturday night 5 from us and 3 from the Hermanas and 1 members son. However 3 of ours couldn't make it to church this last sunday so I will have to talk to president to see what he thinks. Also we are dedicating the chapel on sunday and have a huge open house saturday in the morning!! It will be sweet!!
We are really working hard to find new investigators and even harder to make sure the ones we have are prepared for baptism this weekend!! please pray for them. Sandra and her son Jose and then Estebon who is 12 and is a recent converts son and also Jean Pual and Jean Pier who are 11 and 9 and the sons of a Less active member. Anyway I have to get going but please pray for them and for me to help me be the best District leader and Trainer I can!! Thanks so much family for everything and I love you!!

Love Elder Knudsen

P.S.; Thanks so much for the package!! It was awesome!! Se fue la dieta!! but I love giving all the kids the sour gum ha ha they love it too no worries.


Dear Family,
So... hmmm... I pretty much told you everything the other day but you all sound awesome and it gave me so much motivation talking to you!! I love our family!! I cant believe how old all the kids are already!! Its crazy!! They were talking to me like normal!!! Anyway thanks so much for the good phone call and the motivation!!
This past week has rained a lot!! Missionary work is hard in the rain because 1 usually nobody will let you in. 2 nobody is outside and 3 you get SO wet that you have to go home and change!! I still love it though.
Before I talked to you all on sunday we had some goals we had to get and one was to talk to 42 more people in an hour and it was pouring!! We found a little tree to hide under but that didn't work so we found some stairs to hide under for a bit and as we were sitting there waiting we assesed the situation and didnt know how we were going to get this goal so we said and pray and after the prayer we both decided to just get soaked and look for anyone!! So we started ridding our bikes and I was loving it flying through the puddles and letting the cars just smother me with waves of water!! I was already soaked so I just enjoyed it untill I realized that the water here fills up the sewers and then the sewers run out onto the streets!!! So the puddles I was flying through and the waves of water weren't very clean to say the least. Anyway the point is we got our goal and that is what matters!! God always provides a way for us to do the things that he commands like Nephi said.
I found out today that tommorrow I get a companion from Guatemala and I am training him!!!!! So pray for me ha ha
But I love you all and thanks so much for everything you do!! Have a good week and dont forget to study the scriptures everyday and to pray together!!!

Love Elder Knudsen


Dear Family,
How are you all?! I'm loving the mission and getting scared at how fast the time is going!! This week was good. We set a baptismal date with 3 of our investigators and they came to chruch too!! The Lord has truely blessed this district with a HUGE opportunity!! We have the possibility to get 10 baptims on the 22 of may. Thats like the equivilent of the waters of mormon here in Puerto Rico ha ha So we have a LOT of work and A LOT MORE PRAYING to do!! The members are really helping out thought its been good!!
I have been trying to think of different ways to get into the houses here because I have been suprised at how hard it is to get in and teach let alone get anyone to come out here!! So I think we might have found the key. When we get someone to come out we ask if we can sing for them and we usually sing I Know that my Redeemer lives and then they usually are a little better to talk to. Everyone says No thankyou I'm catholic so we say well thats why we're here or we say perfect we share a message about Christ etc but if any or you have any good ideas let me know and i'll try them out!! But everything is going good!! I love it here!! Its tough but if it wasnt it wouldn't be worth it!! There are some members that are planning on taking care of me for my birhtday too so it will be fun.
Thanks for everything family and I look forward to talking to you all soon!! Sunday!! I will probably call you and then have you call me back like a day or two before to make sure it works and we can set a time and everything!! Stay strong everyone and keep up the faith!! Talk to you soon!
Love elder Knudsen


Dear Family,
Well before I forget 1) my shoe size is 8 1/2 on the rockports I have but I dont need new shoes yet and 2) Yes I got the packages of the jump rope and the easter one too Thanks so much!!! They were awesome!! I hadn't seen peeps in a long time!! And yeah I am in an apartment right now and untill may like 11th you can send anything there and I will get it within 5 days!! My address is:

Urb. San Ramon
Calle C 29A
San German, PR, 00683

Anyway this week was awesome!! We started teaching 3 younger kids around the age of deacons and it was awesome!! Usually it is hard to get kids like them to pay attention but we have been following the spirit and they have been understanding everything and have been participating in the lessons and answering questions and everything!! This week we had them draw a HUGE plan of Salvation on there Patio with chalk and they walked through it said what happens when they do bad and good things it was amazing!! I couldn't believe how well they understood by the time we were done!!
We have been back to the neighborhood were we played volleyball a few times and they all keep telling us when they play and to come back. We went through with a member they other day and we were in his car and so everyone would stare the car down as we went through but when they saw it was us they're countenance changed and they would start asking us how we are doing and eventually they got the member to stop the car and they talked to us for awhile and told us that the last time we played it was actually a fund raiser and they said we made it for them!!
The work is going good here!! I love it and can see a lot of success in the near future if we can hold on to all the young men we are teaching!! Thanks for keeping those people in your prayers!! they opened up a lot this week. Maria came to church and Sand and her son said they will come next week!! The work is awesome. Re read D&C 31. It is awesome!! It talks a lot about missionary work and the blessings for being in this work!! I love you all and love the verses about the family in there!!
Anyway thankyou for everything and let me know if I can do anything for you!! Those young men are Estebon, Abel, Anebal, Jose, and then also Sandra, Isreal and Maria.
Thank you for your examples and talk to you soon!!

Love Elder Knudsen

P.S. My companion noticed my receeding hair line the other day when i was stimulating the hair folicoles


Dear Family,
How is everything going!! This week has been awesome and it sounds like yours was too!! We have been working hard here and loving it!! It rains all the time but its all part of the work!! You got a letter from my mission president huh? thats pretty cool.
We had some really cool experiences this week but one of the coolest was last saturday. We were going to a cita out in the jungle and like where a lot of "country ish" people live and on our way out there we there was a volleyball net hung up accross the street where there was about 4 guys playing. They asked us to play but we had to go and so we said maybe another time. These weren't regular volleyball players they were like the thugs of the town. The way they were inviting us was like they were saying come play so we can make fun of you. Anyway we went to our cita and on our way back this little street volleyball game had turned into the whole area around the court watching. There was like 50 or more people!! Anyway when we showed up we had to pass by so they had to stop the game and everything and while we were passing someone said wait they are going to play!! They said they are the players (joking around) and we kind of shrugged them off but then I decided why not. So I put down my bike and the crowd when crazy cheering and yelling for my companion and I so the main guy there kicked out two people and we went in and everyone was stilll going crazy. There was enough people that when I got on the court i started shaking a little because I was nervous (remember these guys werent like the nicest guys in the world) Anyway so I said a quick prayer and then they blew the whisle and we started... after a couple hits the ball went to my companion and he bumped it and again the crowd went crazy because he got it. then a few more hits and it came to me and I just KILLED it!!! Slammed it right down on the other side and EVERYONE was clapping and cheering and the players started saying ellos saben ellos saben (they know they know) the next was the other team slamming it and I dug it up and they crowd went crazy again and then I set one of the guys and he missed it and the crowd started yelling GET OUT GET OUT and the main guy kicked this kid out ha ha I felt bad but wasnt about to get on these guys bad side after a few dives and crazy saves (all in my shirt and tie... ps i might need some new shoes sometime...) The crowd just didnt stop cheering. So after like ten minutes I told them we have to leave and as we were walking off the crowd just yelled and cheered and clapped and alll the thugs were saying we'll see you around and telling us when they play and everything!! To say the least, when we go finding over there I know people will open the doors... unlike the rest of puerto rico! It was sweet!
Anyway everything is going good and way fast!! The district leader thing is awesome I love it except the only people in my district are me my companion and 3 sisters... So I have been learning a lot there. My companion is from Oregon and actually his dad knows a Albert Knudsen that lived there in the 80's or something if you know him. I am in a ward and the members here are amazing!! The islands are supposed to be like legendary with members but here the members are doing just as good. I love it. The guy that was baptised in curacou is going to the salt lake temple I think next month or the next but he speaks english so I gave him your number and told him to call you when he is there and maybe he can stay there a night or so... I doubt he will call but if he does it will be super cool.
We also had a baptism this last week it was really cool!! Anyway I have to get gonig but I love you all and have a great week!!
Love Elder Knudsen

If you could pray for Maria, Sandra and her son and Isreal and also Juan pual and Juan pier it would be awesome!! Thanks family!!


Dear Family,
So I'm not sure what Onielio actually said but I'm sure he was just being nice. But yeah he is the chef and wow he cooks amazing. I had 3 fillet minons when I was there!! He also helped out a lot with the missionaries but actually the one that I probably talked about a lot who helped out the missionaries was Miguel Angel. He was also super cool!!!
Anyway I hope you all enjoyed confrence. I loved it!! It seemed really centered on the family and the parents and being ready!! of course I loved Elder Hollands talk like always but also Elder Fosters talk was really really good!
So to give you the 411 on everything that happened. Tuesday We headed our of Aruba and spent all day traveling, first we stopped at Curacou and then saint Martin and then an island called Tortula. It was actually WAY WAY cool to see all these little islands and all the little islands around them. I talked to the people there and they said that basically everyone has a boat and when you want to go to the beach you just go pick and island and a lot of the times you have the island to yourself. When I got off the plain in Puerto Rico and saw all the american Flags I loved it!! I was so happy I started saying the Pledge of Aligence but was sadly stopped when I realized I dont remember it!!! But it was cool. So yeah back to 3 day mail and the US dollar!! By the way I will put my address at the bottom of the email so you can write me directly and maybe i can write back quicker. i will be here for AT LEAST 6 weeks!!
I am now in a area call San German and is is huge but I hear the members are super strong and willing to help out as well. I am with Elder Dennis. He has been out for less then 2 months!! This is his second transfere but he is already awesome and a good missionary. Him and I are set on working way hard and being the best we can be!! He is a lot bigger than me though like a lot of my other companions, he is about 6'4!! They also called me to be the District leader here!! I'm super excited for the opportunity to learn from this!!
So yeah the spanish... is coming. I still have A LOT of work to do but it can be done!!
I love the mission family!! Its awesome!! i have met so many people and created such good relationships that i will never forget. Obvioulsy I miss you all but there is a time and a place for everything and right now my time is here!! But I love you all!! I know this church is true and that we have a God that loves and guides us through Our profet. If you have time read Alma 30:44 and take a step back for some time to look at everything we have like our family and the nature!! Everything that testifys of a living God!!
I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!!

Love Elder Knudsen

Urb. San Ramon
Calle C 29A
San German, PR, 00683


Dear Family,
So the big news is I'm going back to Puerto Rico Tomorrow at like 8 in the morning but even bigger news is yesterday Juan baptised his mother!!! It was awesome!! I am super sad about the transferre but I know that it is what the Lord wants. These last 2 transferes have been awesome!! The members here are sweet!! It was hard saying by to them and the recent converts but thats what the mission is about!! Its going to be hard next transfere here because there is only going to be 4 missionaries instead of 14 like before and those 4 have to take care of everyone.
So going back to Puerto Rico will be fun!! I really hope I can pick up the spanish!! I have been doing all my talks and testimonies in papiamentu here. I know that if I pray and work hard the lord will bless me.
This week was pretty cool getting Juans mother Mena ready for baptism and for our exercises we ran up a mountain here and it was sweet!! This island is awesome! Our Investigators are still awesome they just need to be married!! This church is awesome and I love the mission!! Thankyou all for your examples and everything you do for me!! Thanks for the letters this week!! You all are aweosme!! Sorry I dont have too much time this week but I love you all and I wish you a happy easter and enjoy comference!! Its so cool!! We get to listen to a prophet that is living... Think about it and go into watching conference with a question!! Dont forget to HOLD TO THE ROD. Read the scriptures every day and pray. Read 2 nephi 4 starting at verse 15 is awesome!! I love you all and stay strong. Let me know if I can do anything for you.!

Love Elder Knudsen


Dear Family,
So this week rocked!! We have really been focusing on the investigators we have instead of finding a lot of new ones because in one week there might only be two missionaries here in this area and they will have to cover for all six missionaries so we feel it will be better to just strengthen the ones we have now. Good news though is that Juan is going to baptise his mother, maybe even this sunday!! I hope so because I want to see it!!
This week we spent a lot of time with the members teaching people and wow! The work with the members is awesome!! It is amazing how much more success you can have!! A lot of the members here do so much they are a huge example to me!!
So Possibly next week I will go back to Puerto Rico and I will have to try to pick up spanish again!! Its going to be hard especially because I am now comfortable with this language. I can't remember if I told you or not but last week I gave a talk in Papiamentu and it was awesome!!
SO as far as the pianos here, usually its just keyboards but lately we just got a sweet new piano!! Its like electric acoustic. It is a keyboard that has speakers on the back and a computer in it with all the hymns programed in it. As far as playing... I havent really gotten that chance since my first area. There is an Elder here who is amazing at the piano. He was going to BYU for the music program or something but he is super good and i am now motivated again to get super good. I really want to learn Theory so I'm getting the keys down now.
Thats awesome that you guys sing every 3rd sunday. I love singing. I still am not that great but I know the base lines to a lot of the songs now and I will definately keep practicing. I'm glad my food pedal is getting good use!! Good thinkning!
The weather here is always the same. Very Very Very rarely do you ever see any kind of change but its good. Its sunny and windy!! Perfect for sharing the gospel!!
Mom you should look to watch that movie thats called "between heaven and earth" Its all about temples and other religions talking about our temples it would be awesome for you talk. and yeah I got the jump rope thanks so much!! The Ctr rings if you could bigger than mine. I dont know how the sizing works but maybe one, one size bigger and the other 2 sizes bigger or something. I dont know. Speaking of sizes.. I had to buy new pants this week because my bike ate my others and i came to the sad realization that my old pants had rubberbands in them and I so the new pants I bought i had to buy a size bigger!!
Anyway family I'm doing good and I hope you are too!! I love you and I pray for you all the time!! Clint man, I'm glad to hear your doing better and everything is going well stay stong man!!
Elder Knudsen


Dear Family,
So I am glad to hear that everything is going well. It is a horrible feeling to be away from your family when something like this happens. It has been hard not being there to help out in anyway but I know that if I focus and work hard the Lord will bless Clint!! So thats what I have been doing is working hard and Praying harder. But that was pretty crazy talking to Dad on the phone the other day. I answered the phone and looked down at the screen after and realized that it was Dads Cell ophone and then I didn't know what to do! I thought maybe he called me on accident but then I realized that that is next to impossible so I just answered and said Dad you cant call me (even though I was super excited to talk). But Thankyou for the call and the Good news that Clint is doing better. I am praying for ya clint!!
So this week has been awesome just like every other week of the mission. I totally got in the ocean this week and it was sweet!!! I hope you can open some of those pictures. It was beautiful!! The Lord is really blessing me here and I am going to have a hard time leavin the people, the language and the culture here. I love it!!
Victor is supposed to be baptised this Saturday but we need to make sure he actually meets the requirements in D&C. So that is where he is. We have been teaching a family that is awesome!! Its a mom her Son and.. Her boyfriend but we are going to get them married. They Love the Church and Are realizing that all there friends are already members ha ha and they work at the Marriott so they handle a book of mormon Like everyday because they put one in every room!! They are praying together and everything!! I dont know if any of you know the lesson Senor Juevo but they loved that lesson!! Anyway those are basically the people we are working on.
So Family I love this work and I love being out here to bless peoples lives. I love testifying of the family and the strength we have in the family!! Thankyou so muh for everything you have done for me and have a great week!!
Love Elder Knudsen
P.S. I got the packages and some letters so thank you so much that was awesome of you!! Now I have to see if I can lose some weight. Sorry it was so short I'm going to Curacou in a few hours for zone confrence!!


Dear Family,
Wow what a week!!! It was crazy!! We had to go teach Diego at his work this week to get him ready for his baptism but dispite all that we taught him everything and he was baptised on saturday!! I had the opportunity to baptise him too. It was a little hard because he is a bigger guy and our font here is a little shallow so I'm sure you can imagine why it would be difficult. Its a good thing I totally shred it in the mornings!! But everything went well and I loved the experience!! We also got him a white shirt pants and a tie! Tomorrow we are going to have a baptism in the ocean. Its going to be sweet. She wanted me to baptise her usually I would rather have the members do it but she chose me specifically and I will have no problem getting in the ocean!! She chose a spot that isn't that good looking but we'll see how it turns out. She is awesome, she totally stopped tea and coffee cold turkey!! It was awesome!! I'll be sure to talke a few pictures to send!!
Also Juan recieved the priesthood yesterday and so he is going to be a witness with us!! I dont know if I told you but Juan (the one who got baptised two weeks ago) has been teaching with us and in one of the lessons he said you know I know this church is true because the monday after my baptism I found my kids and there mother. Juan had been left by his girlfriend and his kids and was left alone not knowing people and with nothing, not even knowing where his kids are but I guess after his baptism someone showed up where he is living and said Juan, your kids are looking for you!! It was awesome!! His testimony is already way strong!! Yesterday he went and shared the gospel with his family and his old girlfriend and his mom want to be baptised!! He said he told them all about Joseph Smith and the book of mormon and a living prophet and everything!! he left them with a pamphlet and a book of mormon to read. (remember he has only been baptised for 2 weeks) He was SO excited about it. he just kept saying it went so smooth it went so smooth and the words just came into my mouth!! He said he had the answeres to everything!! I know that is true!! That when we try to share the gospel the words will be put into our mouths!! Its scripture! Oh yeah and he also told his old girlfriend about the Law of chastity and how he wants her to be baptised and then get married!! he is a stud!! I feel like my mission is a success just because of him!!
Victor isn't doing that great. We went and visited him and found a box of cigarettes so we weren't too happy and then when we got back into the members car after the lesson the member pulled out the box of cigarettes and crushed them!! He stole his cigarettes ha ha. But we're going to keep working with him to see how we can helo him.
We ate cow stomach this last week and it was not good at all!! I was just swallowing it whole so I didnt have to chew it but we had it at a resturant because we were there teaching Diego and Diego is the chef so I didn't want to offend him so I just downed it and after the owner of the resturant payed for it!! He is a inactive member I guess for like 20 years or more. Anyway to say the least after eating that I have to shave like twice a day, I think I'm more a man now!
There is so much more to write but I dont have too much more time. Anyway to say the least I am loving it here and I don't want to leave this island!! I love the language, I feel like I can actually talk to people! But oh well I will go where the Lord needs me to. Anyway I love you all and thank our Heavenly Father for your examples to me everynight!! Thank you And have a good week! Oh yeah also the president is coming down this weekend so I will get the jump then I believe... We'll see. I love you and have a great week!!
Love Elder Knudsen

P.S. If you get the chance HELP THE MISSIONARIES. It makes a HUGE difference in this work!!


Dear Family,
Wow so mexico just you two huh? Sounds exciting ha ha You get to enjoy the heat with me!! ha ha I hope you enjoy it and learn a little spanish to get around ha ha dont let anyone take advantage of you!! Thanks for finding time to write me while you were there though!!
So I thought I was going to be with elder Zenger again but actually things got changed at the last minute and now I'm with Elder Roggeman!! I was also with him in puerto Rico but only for two weeks so now I get the chance to be with him for a whole transfere!! He is really cool and has actually changed alot since in Puerto Rico!! And this week we should have a baptism with Diego and MAYBE next week a baptism in the ocean if we can get Marcia to accept the Word of Wisdom. This week our baptism fell through with victor but we are going to keep working with him. We have to help him with smoking and with the Law of chastity and not being lazy!! So if you could keep Victor Diego Marcia Juan Francisco and Sondro in your prayers!!
This week was awesome!! There are only 8 elders now on the island and a senor couple!! Soon there is only going to be 2 on each island because the change of mission boundaries is coming. We worked so hard and to be honest there is so much to do because there is so many people who we have to visit!! Sometimes I get stressed and worried that we cant do it all but I wouldn't have it any other way!! I love it so much!! Its funny how before the mission I was so relaxed and just whatever was good and now in the mission I'm a little up tight but I guess its because peoples salvation is in our hands!! ha ha
Anyway I have to get going but I love you all and keep up all your own misisonary work!! Do what you can to be a member missionary and help the ward in everything you can!! Whenever someone needs help with anything from a blessing of health to the sacrament to just a visit of comfort. Whatever it is Just do it YOu will see the blessing I know!!
Love Elder Knudsen