Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Family,
So... hmmm... I pretty much told you everything the other day but you all sound awesome and it gave me so much motivation talking to you!! I love our family!! I cant believe how old all the kids are already!! Its crazy!! They were talking to me like normal!!! Anyway thanks so much for the good phone call and the motivation!!
This past week has rained a lot!! Missionary work is hard in the rain because 1 usually nobody will let you in. 2 nobody is outside and 3 you get SO wet that you have to go home and change!! I still love it though.
Before I talked to you all on sunday we had some goals we had to get and one was to talk to 42 more people in an hour and it was pouring!! We found a little tree to hide under but that didn't work so we found some stairs to hide under for a bit and as we were sitting there waiting we assesed the situation and didnt know how we were going to get this goal so we said and pray and after the prayer we both decided to just get soaked and look for anyone!! So we started ridding our bikes and I was loving it flying through the puddles and letting the cars just smother me with waves of water!! I was already soaked so I just enjoyed it untill I realized that the water here fills up the sewers and then the sewers run out onto the streets!!! So the puddles I was flying through and the waves of water weren't very clean to say the least. Anyway the point is we got our goal and that is what matters!! God always provides a way for us to do the things that he commands like Nephi said.
I found out today that tommorrow I get a companion from Guatemala and I am training him!!!!! So pray for me ha ha
But I love you all and thanks so much for everything you do!! Have a good week and dont forget to study the scriptures everyday and to pray together!!!

Love Elder Knudsen

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