Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Family,
So I am glad to hear that everything is going well. It is a horrible feeling to be away from your family when something like this happens. It has been hard not being there to help out in anyway but I know that if I focus and work hard the Lord will bless Clint!! So thats what I have been doing is working hard and Praying harder. But that was pretty crazy talking to Dad on the phone the other day. I answered the phone and looked down at the screen after and realized that it was Dads Cell ophone and then I didn't know what to do! I thought maybe he called me on accident but then I realized that that is next to impossible so I just answered and said Dad you cant call me (even though I was super excited to talk). But Thankyou for the call and the Good news that Clint is doing better. I am praying for ya clint!!
So this week has been awesome just like every other week of the mission. I totally got in the ocean this week and it was sweet!!! I hope you can open some of those pictures. It was beautiful!! The Lord is really blessing me here and I am going to have a hard time leavin the people, the language and the culture here. I love it!!
Victor is supposed to be baptised this Saturday but we need to make sure he actually meets the requirements in D&C. So that is where he is. We have been teaching a family that is awesome!! Its a mom her Son and.. Her boyfriend but we are going to get them married. They Love the Church and Are realizing that all there friends are already members ha ha and they work at the Marriott so they handle a book of mormon Like everyday because they put one in every room!! They are praying together and everything!! I dont know if any of you know the lesson Senor Juevo but they loved that lesson!! Anyway those are basically the people we are working on.
So Family I love this work and I love being out here to bless peoples lives. I love testifying of the family and the strength we have in the family!! Thankyou so muh for everything you have done for me and have a great week!!
Love Elder Knudsen
P.S. I got the packages and some letters so thank you so much that was awesome of you!! Now I have to see if I can lose some weight. Sorry it was so short I'm going to Curacou in a few hours for zone confrence!!

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