Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Family,
How are you all?! I'm loving the mission and getting scared at how fast the time is going!! This week was good. We set a baptismal date with 3 of our investigators and they came to chruch too!! The Lord has truely blessed this district with a HUGE opportunity!! We have the possibility to get 10 baptims on the 22 of may. Thats like the equivilent of the waters of mormon here in Puerto Rico ha ha So we have a LOT of work and A LOT MORE PRAYING to do!! The members are really helping out thought its been good!!
I have been trying to think of different ways to get into the houses here because I have been suprised at how hard it is to get in and teach let alone get anyone to come out here!! So I think we might have found the key. When we get someone to come out we ask if we can sing for them and we usually sing I Know that my Redeemer lives and then they usually are a little better to talk to. Everyone says No thankyou I'm catholic so we say well thats why we're here or we say perfect we share a message about Christ etc but if any or you have any good ideas let me know and i'll try them out!! But everything is going good!! I love it here!! Its tough but if it wasnt it wouldn't be worth it!! There are some members that are planning on taking care of me for my birhtday too so it will be fun.
Thanks for everything family and I look forward to talking to you all soon!! Sunday!! I will probably call you and then have you call me back like a day or two before to make sure it works and we can set a time and everything!! Stay strong everyone and keep up the faith!! Talk to you soon!
Love elder Knudsen

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