Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Family,
Wow so mexico just you two huh? Sounds exciting ha ha You get to enjoy the heat with me!! ha ha I hope you enjoy it and learn a little spanish to get around ha ha dont let anyone take advantage of you!! Thanks for finding time to write me while you were there though!!
So I thought I was going to be with elder Zenger again but actually things got changed at the last minute and now I'm with Elder Roggeman!! I was also with him in puerto Rico but only for two weeks so now I get the chance to be with him for a whole transfere!! He is really cool and has actually changed alot since in Puerto Rico!! And this week we should have a baptism with Diego and MAYBE next week a baptism in the ocean if we can get Marcia to accept the Word of Wisdom. This week our baptism fell through with victor but we are going to keep working with him. We have to help him with smoking and with the Law of chastity and not being lazy!! So if you could keep Victor Diego Marcia Juan Francisco and Sondro in your prayers!!
This week was awesome!! There are only 8 elders now on the island and a senor couple!! Soon there is only going to be 2 on each island because the change of mission boundaries is coming. We worked so hard and to be honest there is so much to do because there is so many people who we have to visit!! Sometimes I get stressed and worried that we cant do it all but I wouldn't have it any other way!! I love it so much!! Its funny how before the mission I was so relaxed and just whatever was good and now in the mission I'm a little up tight but I guess its because peoples salvation is in our hands!! ha ha
Anyway I have to get going but I love you all and keep up all your own misisonary work!! Do what you can to be a member missionary and help the ward in everything you can!! Whenever someone needs help with anything from a blessing of health to the sacrament to just a visit of comfort. Whatever it is Just do it YOu will see the blessing I know!!
Love Elder Knudsen

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