Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Family!!
This mission is awesome!!!! the church is true!!! So a quick update with Sandra and her son. They are preparing to be baptised on the 19th but they are not quite exactly sure yet. But they are preparing for that so please pray for them. Anibal and Abel are also preparing for the 19th and they are awesome!! They totally want to be baptised and they know they need the Holy Ghost. They have a lot of temptations in there lives and not too many good examples so pray for them too!!
Breakfast on the creek!!! That is awesome!! I hope you all enjoyed it!! I know grandpa ate an extra serving for me so I guess I will have to do with that!! That is crazy that it has been 4 years since grandpa Knudsen passed away. Sometimes I think of him out here helping me out!! and i dont doubt that he is ha ha He loved missionary work just like the rest of our family. I remember someone talking about how he would stand on corners giving out book of Mormons ha ha.
This week has been awesome!! We have really been looking for opportunities to serve people on our ways too citas and it is awesome!! I Love service!! It makes you feel so good!! The other day my companion and I rode past this Old guy trying to do something with his door. This guys was SUPER old and looked alone and like he hadn't bathed in a while and hadn't washed his clothes for awhile either. Anyway we rode bye and went to our cita and on the way back I noticed he was still working on the door. It looked like he had been there for hours and he had all kinds of levers worked up to get his front door onto the hings. He looked exhausted and it was getting dark but we stopped and decided to try and help. When we first asked if he needed help he just looked at us. Then he kept pushing and pulling with all of his strength and so we tried again and he just kinda pointed at the hings and grunted. Come to find out he was both deaf and mute. So we just kind of looked at the door and he was trying to put it on upside down. So we couldn't really communicate with him and so after trying to tell him we just took his door out of where it was. Which must have taken forever with just him. and flipped it around, put it up and the hinges and then put the pins in and closed the gate. While we were doing this you the old man just got happier and happier and when he finally saw that it fit perfect he just put his hands up to his mouth and hopped up and down and grunted and you could see through his hands that he was smilling and he had tear filled eyes. He couldn't say anything but you could tell that he was SO grateful. I saw him in the street the other day and when we made eye contact I could see the thankfulness he still had in his eyes.
CHARITY IS AWESOME!!! This week has been awesome because of it.
Also this week we taught a recent convert and her friend who is always there but for some reason my comapnion and I were focusing on here and everything we did kept coming back to baptism. So and the end of the lesson we invited her and she said she would love too!! She loves listening. Her name is Lucmaria.
Anyway I have to go but I am glad you are all good and I love you all!! Keep up everything and remember to serve!!

Love Elder Knudsen

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