Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Family,
Well before I forget 1) my shoe size is 8 1/2 on the rockports I have but I dont need new shoes yet and 2) Yes I got the packages of the jump rope and the easter one too Thanks so much!!! They were awesome!! I hadn't seen peeps in a long time!! And yeah I am in an apartment right now and untill may like 11th you can send anything there and I will get it within 5 days!! My address is:

Urb. San Ramon
Calle C 29A
San German, PR, 00683

Anyway this week was awesome!! We started teaching 3 younger kids around the age of deacons and it was awesome!! Usually it is hard to get kids like them to pay attention but we have been following the spirit and they have been understanding everything and have been participating in the lessons and answering questions and everything!! This week we had them draw a HUGE plan of Salvation on there Patio with chalk and they walked through it said what happens when they do bad and good things it was amazing!! I couldn't believe how well they understood by the time we were done!!
We have been back to the neighborhood were we played volleyball a few times and they all keep telling us when they play and to come back. We went through with a member they other day and we were in his car and so everyone would stare the car down as we went through but when they saw it was us they're countenance changed and they would start asking us how we are doing and eventually they got the member to stop the car and they talked to us for awhile and told us that the last time we played it was actually a fund raiser and they said we made it for them!!
The work is going good here!! I love it and can see a lot of success in the near future if we can hold on to all the young men we are teaching!! Thanks for keeping those people in your prayers!! they opened up a lot this week. Maria came to church and Sand and her son said they will come next week!! The work is awesome. Re read D&C 31. It is awesome!! It talks a lot about missionary work and the blessings for being in this work!! I love you all and love the verses about the family in there!!
Anyway thankyou for everything and let me know if I can do anything for you!! Those young men are Estebon, Abel, Anebal, Jose, and then also Sandra, Isreal and Maria.
Thank you for your examples and talk to you soon!!

Love Elder Knudsen

P.S. My companion noticed my receeding hair line the other day when i was stimulating the hair folicoles

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