Monday, June 28, 2010


Dear Family,
Wow that is crazy about Patrice!! I am glad that everything is going well now. Its good that all of you are supporting and helping with the kids and everything!! Thats what a family is for!! So five more weeks... Thats pretty long!!! ha ha
So yeah I Have my new companion and it is ELDER ZENGER AGAIN!!!! If you don't remember he is like my best friend out here and he was in the MTC with me. I am still a district leader but I'm also a zone leader!!! So Elder Zenger and I are learning together how to be zone leaders!! But my new area is actually really cool! There is a lot of younger people who are excited to help. The other day we took out 3 young men at the same time to help us with the work and these young men are so strong in the church!! I love it. Oh yeah and we have a CAR!!! So much for not getting fat!!! ha ha The area we are in is in the mountains!! It is so confusing to get around up here!! There is very few main roads. The roads are basically just winding through the jungle!! We even have a rough time finding service for your cell phone!! It is still hot here thought!! But even though we are out in the mountains the houses are like the nicest that I have seen here in Puerto Rico.
This week was pretty crazy. We said goodbye to the president!! Weird! But it was super cool. We had transfer meeting so I had the chance to see all my old companions and everything. I am so close so so many people here!! So many of the missionaries are so awesome!! I think Thursday Elder Zenger and I will be heading up close to San Juan for a training from the new president and I will get to talk to him about talking to Grandpa and Grandma (Elder and Sister) White!! Also see what kinds of changes he has in mind. I am super excited.
Our president shared some amazing things with us before he left!! He talked about 5 things we need to do for the rest of our lives to keep the same spirit that we have had on our mission!! Honestly being out here is like a different world. Its like a bubble and I want that for the rest of my life!! Anyway one of the things he shared was in 2 nephi 4. Everyone loves this part of the the book of mormon because Nephi is really expressing his feelings!! Anyway he starts off by talking how bad of a person that he is and he all of the sudden changes to how he has confidence in the Lord and it is because he remembered or looked back in the plates he was writing to the experiences he has had and found his testimony again!! He had been preserved in the jungle, on the ocean and getting the plates form Laban and at this time in 2 nephi he is thinking about how he either needs to fight with his brothers who are stronger than him or leave and take the people who will follow him and start over without the help of his brothers who were strong men who knew how to build and everything. He would have to do it all with him and sam and his younger brothers. He was in a rough situation but then he remembered in who he has trusted before and it gave him the motivation and the strength he needed. We should all try and keep a journal and write our spiritual experiences that we have everyday. It will give us strength when we need it. We should also study the scriptures everyday so we can prepare for the day!! I am learning these things now and I know the help us so much in our lives!!! I love this gospel and this mission!! IT is true!! Keep magnifying your callings to the best of your ability!!
Anyway family I love you all and hope you have a good week!! Iwill be praying for you!! I think next week I wont email until wednesday maybe... we'll see. Have a great week!!
Love Elder Knudsen

Family sorry I forgot to ask you to pray for some people. First Luis and Melitza who are going to be married on the 17 and baptised the same day and also for a 13 year old who will be baptised the 10. he is the son of a recent convert. There is also a family that is prodestent but loves our teachings and just is afraid to leave there church. They really need some prayers!!! Thank you so much I know your prayers really bless us out here!! I also really need help with my spanish if you can throw my companion and I in there it would be greatly apreciated!! Thanks so much I love you all!!!
Elder Knudsen

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