Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Family,
How is everything going!! This week has been awesome and it sounds like yours was too!! We have been working hard here and loving it!! It rains all the time but its all part of the work!! You got a letter from my mission president huh? thats pretty cool.
We had some really cool experiences this week but one of the coolest was last saturday. We were going to a cita out in the jungle and like where a lot of "country ish" people live and on our way out there we there was a volleyball net hung up accross the street where there was about 4 guys playing. They asked us to play but we had to go and so we said maybe another time. These weren't regular volleyball players they were like the thugs of the town. The way they were inviting us was like they were saying come play so we can make fun of you. Anyway we went to our cita and on our way back this little street volleyball game had turned into the whole area around the court watching. There was like 50 or more people!! Anyway when we showed up we had to pass by so they had to stop the game and everything and while we were passing someone said wait they are going to play!! They said they are the players (joking around) and we kind of shrugged them off but then I decided why not. So I put down my bike and the crowd when crazy cheering and yelling for my companion and I so the main guy there kicked out two people and we went in and everyone was stilll going crazy. There was enough people that when I got on the court i started shaking a little because I was nervous (remember these guys werent like the nicest guys in the world) Anyway so I said a quick prayer and then they blew the whisle and we started... after a couple hits the ball went to my companion and he bumped it and again the crowd went crazy because he got it. then a few more hits and it came to me and I just KILLED it!!! Slammed it right down on the other side and EVERYONE was clapping and cheering and the players started saying ellos saben ellos saben (they know they know) the next was the other team slamming it and I dug it up and they crowd went crazy again and then I set one of the guys and he missed it and the crowd started yelling GET OUT GET OUT and the main guy kicked this kid out ha ha I felt bad but wasnt about to get on these guys bad side after a few dives and crazy saves (all in my shirt and tie... ps i might need some new shoes sometime...) The crowd just didnt stop cheering. So after like ten minutes I told them we have to leave and as we were walking off the crowd just yelled and cheered and clapped and alll the thugs were saying we'll see you around and telling us when they play and everything!! To say the least, when we go finding over there I know people will open the doors... unlike the rest of puerto rico! It was sweet!
Anyway everything is going good and way fast!! The district leader thing is awesome I love it except the only people in my district are me my companion and 3 sisters... So I have been learning a lot there. My companion is from Oregon and actually his dad knows a Albert Knudsen that lived there in the 80's or something if you know him. I am in a ward and the members here are amazing!! The islands are supposed to be like legendary with members but here the members are doing just as good. I love it. The guy that was baptised in curacou is going to the salt lake temple I think next month or the next but he speaks english so I gave him your number and told him to call you when he is there and maybe he can stay there a night or so... I doubt he will call but if he does it will be super cool.
We also had a baptism this last week it was really cool!! Anyway I have to get gonig but I love you all and have a great week!!
Love Elder Knudsen

If you could pray for Maria, Sandra and her son and Isreal and also Juan pual and Juan pier it would be awesome!! Thanks family!!

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