Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Family,
So this week flew by. I dont even know what happened. A lot of the members were in florida going to the temple and Sunday they returned and it was so awesome!!!!!!!! They were all super happy and I was so glad to see them. One of the recent converts had one of those plaques for little kids that says FUTURE MISSIONARY pinned on his suit jaket and he was wearing it like our plaques ha ha he is awesome and he brought us both ties with matching tie pins ha ha. Its crazy how you love everyone on your mission!! And this ward treats us so good!!!
I havent gotten the shoes yet maybe today. Thanks for sending those i really needed them. Everytime the ground is wet so are my feet haha. And my right foots soul is likes Dads right foot soul. So thanks!!
Its sounds like everyone is pretty busy!! But thats how is should be!! The pictures form the cabin look awesome!!!
Anyway Anival and Abel are doing really good and progressing a bunch. They are reading and everything!! And when they and there family come to church they make up a huge part of the congregation and like all the youth ha ha.
Sandra and Jose are still progressing! They are awesome and really just need to feel a little more comfortable with everything. Its awesome because all of these young men I feel like they are my younger brothers!! They are so cool!!
The Mission is aweomse! I love it!! I was reading in 2Nephi 33 they other day and 2 nephi 4 and just thinking how nobody would say such bold things like "these are the words of Christ" unless they were true!! Nobody could lie like. Nephi KNEW that the things he was writting were from God. And no man would ever be reading and preaching out of a book that they made up right before they were going to pass from this life to meet God unless IT TRUELY WAS THE WORD OF GOD. The book of mormon is true!! I know because the spirit has testified of it to me time and time again. The spirit is the only way we can know, the only way we can really be converted. Like Alma taught in Alma 5 verse 45 or 46 or something around there. He said that he knows that these things are true because of the spirit and HE HIMSELF had seen an Angel!! He didnt say he knew these things were true because of an angel. he said because of the spirit he knows these things are true!! Our time to tell everyone is SHORT!! We are in the last days!! THis is crazy and thats why I love the mission!! I can devote all my time to telling everyone while there is still time!!
Thanks for everything family and I hope you have a fantastic week!! Let me know if you need anything!!!

Love Elder Knudsen

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