Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Dear Family,
   Sorry about last week but everything is going well.  And yes I got the new shoes and they are sweet!!  Bad thing was the first day I got them we did more walking then I think the whole transfere.  But thank you so much they are really nice!!  I still have to get used to dry feet when its raining ha ha.
   I am getting transferred to a new area.  It is rough saying bye to everyone!!  Really rough.  I think yesterday was one of the hardest days in my mission in some ways.  One we ate like 6 different times.  and the other just saying by to everyone was way way way hard.  I am really glad though that it was so hard because I think that means I'm doing what I'm supposed to but I wasnt expecting it!
   This last saturday we had 4 baptisms!!!  Thank you so much for the prayers!!  Sandra and her son Jose where baptised and also Able and Anival!!!  They are all finding shirts and ties to come to church and everything!!  Its so cool!!  All these young men are like my younger brothers!!  I told them I would come back after my mission... So if anyone wants to make a trip with me after ther mission your invited!!!
    I am super excited for my next area!!  And my new companion.  My companion that I have right now and I grew LOADS in unity so it is going to be hard to say bye to him too.  But I will go where the Lord wants!!
    Chris and Brit got back from visiting my mission huh?!  And they havent even written me yet ha ha just kidding.  It sounds like everyone is doing great thought.  Thanks so much for your examples!!  I have been reading through the first General confrence talk that there ever was in Mosiah this past week and it is awesome!!  I want to invited all of you to read through the first part of Mosiah when King Benjamin is talking to his town and think of all the principles that he is talking about and how we can all apply them to everything we do.  It is awesome!!  I love those chapters and I know you all will too!!!  I love that last part of basically all the books in the Book of Morman because the people are saying what they think is the most important becuase they understand these are their last words!!
    Anyway I love the mission and Know this is were I should be at this time in my life and I am so happy to have all the time all day to help people!!  I love you family and hope you have a great week!!  Please pray for me in my next area!!
Love elder Knudsen

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  1. heyy! Elder Knudsen
    -it's me Pito, im using my sister (Nemesis) account heheh so hope you're fine we're missing you but i know you're doing what your supposed to do, giving other people the chance to know about this awesome church thank you for your support we'll miss you so much but i know and i hope you'll come back and we could play basketball again dont forget us and when u see the hymn *elderes de israel* remember uss you are like the big brother i dont have and im really so grateful thank you for believe in us i know you'll do an awesome work there and i hope you come back to San German, so take soo much care..gordito
    jullilangaaa im trying to do my own email soo.. bye bye nenaaa