Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey family how are you?!~ I love you all and I had a great week. It went super quick but good. I honestly have like no time because I had to give up all but about 2 hours of my P-day today. But things are going good. Anival and Abel should be baptised this week and Estebon will get the preisthood next week too. he came to church in his white shirt and tie this week it was awesome. he is the brother of Anival. Sandra and Jose should get baptised too but we really need to pray hard for them. If you could help us out with that it would be really appreciated. Anyway I have to go but love you all and hope you have a great week. Thanks for the letters!!

Love Elder Knudsen

Oh by the way i think some changes are coming this next transfere so i would stop sending things to my personal address and send them to the mission home.

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