Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Family,
Wow what a week!!! It was crazy!! We had to go teach Diego at his work this week to get him ready for his baptism but dispite all that we taught him everything and he was baptised on saturday!! I had the opportunity to baptise him too. It was a little hard because he is a bigger guy and our font here is a little shallow so I'm sure you can imagine why it would be difficult. Its a good thing I totally shred it in the mornings!! But everything went well and I loved the experience!! We also got him a white shirt pants and a tie! Tomorrow we are going to have a baptism in the ocean. Its going to be sweet. She wanted me to baptise her usually I would rather have the members do it but she chose me specifically and I will have no problem getting in the ocean!! She chose a spot that isn't that good looking but we'll see how it turns out. She is awesome, she totally stopped tea and coffee cold turkey!! It was awesome!! I'll be sure to talke a few pictures to send!!
Also Juan recieved the priesthood yesterday and so he is going to be a witness with us!! I dont know if I told you but Juan (the one who got baptised two weeks ago) has been teaching with us and in one of the lessons he said you know I know this church is true because the monday after my baptism I found my kids and there mother. Juan had been left by his girlfriend and his kids and was left alone not knowing people and with nothing, not even knowing where his kids are but I guess after his baptism someone showed up where he is living and said Juan, your kids are looking for you!! It was awesome!! His testimony is already way strong!! Yesterday he went and shared the gospel with his family and his old girlfriend and his mom want to be baptised!! He said he told them all about Joseph Smith and the book of mormon and a living prophet and everything!! he left them with a pamphlet and a book of mormon to read. (remember he has only been baptised for 2 weeks) He was SO excited about it. he just kept saying it went so smooth it went so smooth and the words just came into my mouth!! He said he had the answeres to everything!! I know that is true!! That when we try to share the gospel the words will be put into our mouths!! Its scripture! Oh yeah and he also told his old girlfriend about the Law of chastity and how he wants her to be baptised and then get married!! he is a stud!! I feel like my mission is a success just because of him!!
Victor isn't doing that great. We went and visited him and found a box of cigarettes so we weren't too happy and then when we got back into the members car after the lesson the member pulled out the box of cigarettes and crushed them!! He stole his cigarettes ha ha. But we're going to keep working with him to see how we can helo him.
We ate cow stomach this last week and it was not good at all!! I was just swallowing it whole so I didnt have to chew it but we had it at a resturant because we were there teaching Diego and Diego is the chef so I didn't want to offend him so I just downed it and after the owner of the resturant payed for it!! He is a inactive member I guess for like 20 years or more. Anyway to say the least after eating that I have to shave like twice a day, I think I'm more a man now!
There is so much more to write but I dont have too much more time. Anyway to say the least I am loving it here and I don't want to leave this island!! I love the language, I feel like I can actually talk to people! But oh well I will go where the Lord needs me to. Anyway I love you all and thank our Heavenly Father for your examples to me everynight!! Thank you And have a good week! Oh yeah also the president is coming down this weekend so I will get the jump then I believe... We'll see. I love you and have a great week!!
Love Elder Knudsen

P.S. If you get the chance HELP THE MISSIONARIES. It makes a HUGE difference in this work!!

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