Monday, June 7, 2010


Dear Family,
So this week rocked!! We have really been focusing on the investigators we have instead of finding a lot of new ones because in one week there might only be two missionaries here in this area and they will have to cover for all six missionaries so we feel it will be better to just strengthen the ones we have now. Good news though is that Juan is going to baptise his mother, maybe even this sunday!! I hope so because I want to see it!!
This week we spent a lot of time with the members teaching people and wow! The work with the members is awesome!! It is amazing how much more success you can have!! A lot of the members here do so much they are a huge example to me!!
So Possibly next week I will go back to Puerto Rico and I will have to try to pick up spanish again!! Its going to be hard especially because I am now comfortable with this language. I can't remember if I told you or not but last week I gave a talk in Papiamentu and it was awesome!!
SO as far as the pianos here, usually its just keyboards but lately we just got a sweet new piano!! Its like electric acoustic. It is a keyboard that has speakers on the back and a computer in it with all the hymns programed in it. As far as playing... I havent really gotten that chance since my first area. There is an Elder here who is amazing at the piano. He was going to BYU for the music program or something but he is super good and i am now motivated again to get super good. I really want to learn Theory so I'm getting the keys down now.
Thats awesome that you guys sing every 3rd sunday. I love singing. I still am not that great but I know the base lines to a lot of the songs now and I will definately keep practicing. I'm glad my food pedal is getting good use!! Good thinkning!
The weather here is always the same. Very Very Very rarely do you ever see any kind of change but its good. Its sunny and windy!! Perfect for sharing the gospel!!
Mom you should look to watch that movie thats called "between heaven and earth" Its all about temples and other religions talking about our temples it would be awesome for you talk. and yeah I got the jump rope thanks so much!! The Ctr rings if you could bigger than mine. I dont know how the sizing works but maybe one, one size bigger and the other 2 sizes bigger or something. I dont know. Speaking of sizes.. I had to buy new pants this week because my bike ate my others and i came to the sad realization that my old pants had rubberbands in them and I so the new pants I bought i had to buy a size bigger!!
Anyway family I'm doing good and I hope you are too!! I love you and I pray for you all the time!! Clint man, I'm glad to hear your doing better and everything is going well stay stong man!!
Elder Knudsen

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