Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Dear Family,
How is everyone?! Is the snow melting or what?! Whats it like with seasons. Anyway yeah Juan got baptised this last saturday!!! He has changed so much!! He is awesome!! He was extremely prepared for the gospel. He was humble and ready to accept all the commandments with determination to never falter!! Thank you so much for your prayers!! We had another investigator named victor who was going to be baptised this saturday but he hasn't been keeping all his comittments so we might have to postpone the date. We are also teaching the guy named Diego and he should be baptised in two weeks and the week after that Juans friend and her son want to be baptised... but in the ocean!! So we'll see if we can get permission for that!!
This week has been awesome!! This whole transfere was honestly like a flash I cant really even remeber it!! We were so busy and we got along really well!! But tommorrow elder Radmall is going to Curacou and I am staying here and Elder Zenger (my last companion who is WAY cool as well) is coming back to Aruba from Curacou. They are doing some serious shrinking in the islands so basically they are shutting areas and keeping the missionaries that are already in the islands in the islands. Unless you go back to puerto rico. So I'll probably be here for another month and a half then head out to puerto Rico. I love the islands though!! Especially because I can speak the language!!
Yeah my new mission president is the area 70 here and he actually came and talked to us missionaires in the mission home our first night in Puerto Rico!! It'll be some interesting changes!!
So two months apart huh?! That is awesome and I like those names!! I hope everyone is getting excitted!! I better get some a lot of pictures!!
So whats this, Valentines day came and past and the olympics started?! I totally missed all that ha ha oh well I think thats a good sign!! I'm loving the mission!! Its going so quick!! I love this gospel and I love the plan of salvation!! I am so thankful that I can be with you all and my future family for the eternities!! Thanks for everything and let me know if I can do anything for you all.
Love Elder Knudsen
P.S. I have a new email that is darin.knudsen@myldsmail.net but I'm pretty sure it'll forward all the letters that come to my old one to this one.

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