Saturday, February 13, 2010

Letter from Aruba (2/1/2010)

Dear Family!!
So some pretty big changes are going to take place here in my mission. When my mission president leaves in july we are combining the Puerto Rico San Juan west and east mission into one mission and dropping the islands of Aruba Curacou and Bonaire. It is a little lame because I can speak this language pretty good now and I wont have another chance to serve down here and I love the people here!! But The Lord knows whats best. I'm going to try and get an extension on days on my visa so I can be down here till the end but we'll see. The ABC islands are now going to be with the Dominican republic mission and we are getting a lot of other islands... English speaking actually!! Crazy right!
Anyway this week was awesome!! We worked super hard to get our goals and we are seeing the blessings. We have Juan and marcia still want to be baptised and so we are working with them and making sure they dont have any problems with the commandments or anything and they have two friends as well that are listening as well!! Also we ran into another old investigator who wants to be baptised but we are pretty sure he has some problems that we need to help him with as well. Also in church I talked to this new guy and asked if he was a member and he said yeah but he isn't baptised so I told him we would be visiting him this week!! The Lord is definately blessing us!! It was acutally a miracle how the guy at church got in contact with the church here in aruba. This is the story (I wrote it in the Presidents letter so I"ll cut and paste:
In church yesterday a couple people came with one of our members. The two guys were actually brothers and one is a member and when I asked the other if he was he said yeah... but not baptised. So I told him we would pass by that week and start teaching him. It was amazing how he got in contact with the member that he came to church with. The member has been out of work for awhile and had been praying for a job or somekind of income and one day he ran into this guy who needed to rent a room. SO the member is now renting out his room and later they found out that they are both into the church just the one isn't baptised. They were both blessed. the member with some income and the other Guy, Diego, with a solid member who will get him to church and help him be baptised to join with his brother and mom.
Anyway so everything is going good family. I love ya and thanks so much for the letters!!
Oh yeah we have a chef in our area that is a member and he cooks for us everyweek and it is awesome!! We eat like 40-80 Dollar meals every friday. Last time we had Fillet Mingon and it was awesome!! I ate about three of them!!
I haven't gotten the jump rope yet but The president is coming down at the end of next week so just wait a bit before you send another one!! Thanks so much!!
I love you all have a great week!! Oh and last week sorry it was a holliday last monday so we worked!! Its been like a super long holliday these last two months here called carnival its weird!!
Love Elder Knudsen

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