Saturday, February 13, 2010

Called to Serve (1/26/2010)

I love the mission. It is awesome!! Franciscos baptism went really well!! 3 of our investigators came and they all loved it. Two said they want to be baptised but in the ocean (which isn't super crazy down here) and one has a date to be baptised and he is fine with the font in the church! The Lord is really blessing us here!! Thank you for all your prayers!! Now we just need to get Franciscos Brother Jorge Baptised and they will be a power house family!!
Yeah Dad I remember you telling me about your earthquake!! ha ha I remember you saying you thought it was the second coming or something and you could see your floor doing waves ha ha.
Jared passed a 7 and a half hour test huh... Wow I dont know if I could even focus for that long ha ha Congrates!! The winter sounds pretty fun!! It is really hard to actually imagin snow and ice and stuff and so I've just stopped trying. Sometimes I can't even get my shower to go cold enough!!
But this week was awesome!! We have some awesome investigators but it is really hard to teach them because they love to talk and share!! However they are very humble and very prepared. One has cancer and one just lost his wife and his kids when his wife left him. Truely they are going through hard times but are blessed to be humble and willing to recieve our message like the people That Alma and Amulek taught in Alma 30... or 31 or something. We also have a teaching pool of like 30 investigators so its getting pretty intense to try and manage them and keep on teaching the prepared ones!
The branch here is super strong though. Some of the tourists this week were from sandy actually. Just over by Alta. Its always fun to translate and help people with the language here!!
I also got a letter form the young men this week. It was awesome!!
Anyway family I got to get going but I love ya and have a great week!! Dont ever forget how blessed we are in this church and especially as a family and extended family!! Helman 5:12.
Love Elder KNudsen!!

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