Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here I Am (1/18/2010)

Dear Fmaily,
So Yeah I'm alive! there has been quite a few earthquakes right? Hatti and Venezuela and Argentina... Hmmmm but yeah we woke up the other day to a 4.2 size eathquake at 4 in the morning. It was kinda cool but we just went back to bed. I feel super protected as a missionary anyway so no worries!!
So this week we have a baptism!! His name is fancisco and he is super cool and super smart. He is a younger kid but he is smart! His mom was baptised a little while ago but he has never accepted a baptismal date. Luckly for us he finally accepted one, the first day I was here in aruba!! And we also are teaching these tree people that are totally supporting each other in the lessons. They read to each other and they are coming to church and everything!! They are awesome. They are Juan Evalyn and Marsha. They love it when we come over and say there is something that keeps them wanting to listen even though we teach a lot different then they are used to. Its awesome!! We are seeing success, the Lord is really blessing us!! I love it!!
My companion is super cool and super humble!! Its so cool I feel like Im on a misson with one of my friends!! We just have to keep working hard and stay super humble!!
The Rama is cool too. They are super helpful and when we sing on sunday it is extremely loud!! I love it!! we also opened a service at night for some of the members who cant make it to the morning one so we'll see how that goes.
We had another Iguana this week... It is alright but I guess it is actually super super heathly! Honestly the reason we have it is because the investigator wants to feed us but he cant afford any meat so he just has his friends bring him iguanas.
Oh and the Jumprope I havent gotten yet... so yeah I'm still... big boned.. I mean bigger.. Alright I'm getting pretty fat ha ha but I should get that jumprope soon. Thanks.
Here in Aruba they speak Papiamentu but a little different. More spanish is in it. And is Curacoa it has more dutch in it. But I love they language I feel super comfortable in it. Now spanish is a different story. But Pretty much everyone here can speack english and does speak spanish a lot of they time. Our branch usually is in spanish.
But thank you so much family or everything you do. I was reading in 3 Nephi 3 today and its about when all the nephites and the lamanites united together to go against the gaddianton robbers and I was thinking how we can apply that to our lives and I thought as a family we need to say united with daily prayer scripture study and family nights. And in doing so we will be stronger. Just like they were in this chapter. Also we need to unite as a church and comfort those that need it and to bare eachothers burdens and stand as a witness of Christ like alma said in Mosiah 18. I love you fam and have a good week.
Elder Knudsen

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