Saturday, February 13, 2010

Aruba!! (1/11/2010)

So Aruba is awesome!! I love it. I'm with my very fist companion that was with me in the MTC, Elder Radmall from Eden Utah. He is super cool and we are really going to do good!! As far as the area... ITs a desert basically everywhere but I hear the cool part of Aruba is the beaches. I guess we'll find out. We're going to play football on the beach today for a little while. Oh yeah and its is super hot.
This past week I ate Iguana and horse!! Crazy right? Also the President came down this weekend and brught me some letters and a package and stuff. It was awesome!! Our Ward is awesome. Don and Geneil rasmessen sent me a letter and so Did the Martins and the Youngbergs. That was super cool.
The Branch here is awesome!! The members are super willing to go out with you it is so cool. I am blown away in the difference of success when the members help. It is crazy!! Oh yeah and they sing EXTREMELY loud here!! I love it. My living quaters are better than they were in Curacoa aswell. I love this. I found out that the president is cycling us through the islands so we can go back to Puerto rico and Till up the hard ground there! But I love these Islands and I can speak pretty awesome Papiamentu I realized. Way better than spanish actually.
But I love you all and thank you for the support. I hope you all get better. Your in my prayers! If you could pray for Juan and Francisco that would be awesome!! I love you so much an have a great week!!
Love ELder KNudsen
P.S. I emailed that Christmas letter again so I hope you get it!!

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