Monday, January 4, 2010


Alright so Right now I'm actually still in curacoa but I have a flight for aruba this evening. I being transfered to aruba (mainly because I ran out of days here) to a place called arangestad or something I'll figure it out a little more next week. But I'm actually going to be companions with my first comp. Elder Radmall. The one that I was in the Provo MTC with!! So it should be fun.

The week we really did good. We totally set up next week super good so the new elder should be loving our hard work. Oh and as far as the celebrations go... Lets just say I felt like a was in a video game for like 5 days. Not only were bombs going off like right next to us but the firecrackers here arent just little blocks. They are like Carpets that take up the whole street. The night before, the night of and the night after me and my companion were riding around dodging things and holding our helments on. Its a good thing I was so good at Halo. You never know when things like that come in handy. At 12:00 my companion woke up because of the constant blasts. he said the sky was just white. He was acutally super scared ha ha It was insane!!

Hey mom did you ever get my Christmas letter that you asked us all to write?! I sent it to patrice and Clints email. I think Patrices email doesnt work anymore or something.

Sorry this one is so short I have a lot to do today but I love you so much Thanks for all you do. The Church is true, stay strong and share what we have with others. Get someone to read the book of Mormon. Its true. Nobody could have wrote that unless they were inspired of god. IF you honestly read the book of mormon and ponder it there is NO way you can deny it!

Love Elder Knudsen

P.s. Mom thanks for the package I think I'll get it in aruba. But thanks so much I'm super excited about it.

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