Saturday, December 5, 2009

Re: Letter from Home (11/30/09)

Hey family how is everyone doing?! Sorry it is going to be really short this week I have very little time! Anyway first off that is AWESOME about the win!! And second off I hope you all listened to that talk last week I know dad did and thats awesome but I hope you all did as well. Third off everything here is awesome and my companion is a stud!! We are really working on the simmons they are struggling a little but tengo fe! Anyway I love you all I hope you all had a great week and thanksgiving! I will write more next week!! Oh and as far as Christmas goes that is perfect, just whatever works! Have a good one this week and remember that the church is true and to listen to the spirit always!! I have seen some super sweet things with the spirits guidence this week!
Love ya all. Love elder Knudsen

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