Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Transfer is going to be awesome!

Dear Family, +
Okay before you do anything look up the talk "profile of a prophet" by Elder Huge B Brown. I think he gave it a BYU or something so you might have to look for it on a BYU site or Through the other church websites. So this week was awesome! We continued to work hard and I didn't think we could get any better than the week before but we worked so hard and crushed last week!! We now have about 7 Baptismal dates. Including the Simmons family!! Your prayers are really helping thank you. Right now it looks like only 4 of those baptisms will be ready and the other 3 have problems understanding everything and with the law of chastity. That's their difficulties but we are going to work with them and get all of them ready and baptised! So thank you so much I know your prayers are really helping and the Lord is really blessing us!! This week in church I saw a guy that I assumed was a member and I went and complemented him on his tie and he really really appreciated the complement but it got us talking and he is actually not a member and so in our conversation I found out where he lives and it was in our area. I Taught him about the book of Mormon and then asked if he wants to be baptised and he said, "no, I will be baptised" So I was going crazy asking myself throughout church why the Lord is blessing me so much but honestly this is His work and I am only a tool. Anyway we have an appointment to go teach this man tonight and hopefully set a baptismal date soon. The branch here is awesome!! It is always jammed packed!! Sadly we struggle getting members out with us because nobody has a car and we have bikes! I have thought about making some sort of buggie that we can pull on our bikes that will carry members to lessons with us and also investigators to church but I don't think that would go over well ha ha and honestly I have NO time to do anything but concentrate on who we will teach next and what and the language and scriptures and goals and all kinds of things!! Also the next big news is this transfer I am with Elder Zanger. he was in the MTC in provo with me. We came out on the mission together and so we are both really young and trying to learn a new language but he is VERY good at teaching and super funny!! Its so cool!! We are really going to tear it up together this transfer! Him and I are like really good friends too!! He is actually Jared Pughs old girlfriends cousin! he is a stud and I am So STOKED for this transfer. BYU won?!? That's awesome!! We have BYU players here and an Airforce player so that was a big game here in the mission. Man the next game sounds like its going to be good!! I hope you all have a great time over at chris and brits!! Another mission call for grandma and grandpa?! That's So cool!!! Congrats and I wish you the best of luck!! I know you'll do great!! I love you all! Thanks so much! And don't forget to look up that talk and listen to it. IT IS AMAZING!! I know this Church is true! Joseph Smith was a Prophet!! and God loves us just like he loved the people in the Bible and the Book of Mormon and blesses us with modern day revelation!! God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow and has not stopped talking to his children here on the earth!! This is it. Thank you for all you do for me family!! I couldn't have asked for a better family and examples!! Thanks for everything! Have a good one!!Love Elder Knudsen

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