Sunday, November 29, 2009


Dear family,
Well I'll start out by answering your questions. I get around with bike. They have island bikes down here that are pretty nice. The climate is.. HOT. I'm constantly sweating and everyone thinks something is wrong with me because I sweat so much! And the "cool ocean breeze" Feels more like satan trying to slow me down on my bike. And the simmons family are still doing good!! They are from a small english speaking island so its nice to speak some english. But they do have short tempers ha ha Anyway on monday we invited all six to be baptized and some accepted and others we need to work with but I think they will enter the waters at some point. This week we called and woke them up for church and told them that someone would come pick them up before church and they basically said we are going to go our fastest and then the member ended up not picking them up so they called me and got really mad ha ha but after sacrament meeting the member went and picked them up. (they are BIG people so they can't really walk to church) But they enjoyed church and I got some cookies for them tonight so hopefully all is well ha ha thanks so much for the prayers I know they are helping out.
So this week went by extremely fast!! We worked so hard. We got about double the highest numbers in this area this week in a lot of the catagories. I know its not about numbers but the goals really help me to work at my peak.
We also found some cool people this week who will be fun to go teach so I'm excited!! Its going to take a lot of work to do better than last week but if we can get all of the simmons ready for baptism it will be really successful!
Thats awesome about the temple!! I can not believe how much I took for granted when I lived in utah. I don't know why I didn't go to the temple everyday or at least once a week and a different one everytime!! I don't know why I didn't go see the movies down town more!! We truely are so blessed!!>
Oh yeah I am in Willmestag. Its the capital because it is basically the only town. there is one more really small one called barber but there aren't missionaries there.>
But thank you so much family for all your love and support!! Oh yeah and we eat about 3 times a week with members and this week we ate at a jamican ladies house and she made us jello... Really jello... Out of cows feet. Also she made me put on her wig... Crazy right.>
Thanks so much. Stay strong!! I know this church is true. I know jospeh smith saw God and his son Jesus Christ. I know that the book of mormon is so true and that the teachings in it can bring us so close to our father in heaven! If you aren't currently studing out of the book of mormon everyday I would challenge you to start. Sink deep into the pages and really find the testimony of Christ on every page!! I know this Church is true and blesses lives!! I love you all and thank hevenly father everynight and morning for your examples!!!>Love Elder Knudsen

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