Friday, November 6, 2009


Hey Family!

Sounds like you guys are all doing good! What was Jareds Golf score and what kind of dog did they get?! I hope the St. George trip was fun!! Byu won again right?!
Anyway so yeah I got transfered to Penuelas. Its just to the west of Ponce (where I was before) But its in the mountains!! Its a little town tucked away between huge green mountains!! Its really cool I like the area a lot!

My Companion is Elder Roggerman From Spanish Fork. He is a cool kid and likes to have fun and be happy so we will have a good transfere.

The work is a little different in this area. They do more working with the members to try and get the members to do more missionary work. I really like it. The problem is we get fed a lot!! The first and second day here I think I ate like three different meals in 4 hours or something. So much for trying to get rid of some of my fat. My companion told me to just give up but I do not want to get any fatter!! So yeah not too much happened this week. We got two new investigators, one is like 98 and the other is 91 ha ha. Oh yeah and we have a car. But we try not to use it because we don't have any miles!! And the apartment... Its discusting but I'm going to get it looking good!!!

But thank you for all you do!! Mom thank you for the package that was waiting for me at transferes and Justin and Linds thanks for the letters!! I love you all and will talk to you next week!

Love Elder Knudsen

P.S. We have really been studying the Christlike attributes in the Preach my gospel and they are awesome!! Check them out and work to be like our savior Jesus Christ!! Check in the back of the chapter they have a cool little "Reality Check" is what I like to call it. ha ha

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