Friday, November 6, 2009

How's it going?


It sounds like everyone is doing great!! I am glad to hear that you all watched confrence and had dinner after! And Dad wow you have lost that much weight?! I think your giving it to me. I got a chance to weigh myself the other day and I have gained about 15 pounds now!!!!! I don't know what I'm going to do ha ha we don't eat dinner and we ride our bikes all day and i work out way hard in the mornings!! oh well. And mom it sounds like you have a pretty cool little job. Are you getting paid for that or is it a hobby? So basically your like the judge of the judge?! Interesting.

Anyway this week was good. My companion and I tried to do everything we possibly could to make it the best week every so we worked So hard but came up a little short! Its okay though because we still felt good that we did all we could. like it says in preach my gospel.

The best new of the week was a less active member came back to church!! His name is Hno. Ponce. He lives way up in the mountains but one day we rode our bikes like and hour and a half to get there for a lunch with some members. The members told us about him and so we thought we might visit him but on our way back we were extremely tired and when we saw the peak that his house was on we looked at each other and said should we go and I said... Why not... ha ha anyway we went there and his house over looks all of Ponce!! Its beautiful and we talked to him and my companion called him out on drinking and smoking and overall he said he is not coming back to church but he shared his testimony and it was STRONG! Anyway so he has been in our prays for awhile now... like four 1 month and a half and he was part of our fast on fast sunday and the sunday morning of fast sunday he called to as what time church was!!!! We told him and he came and come to find out he said to the members that he would come back when the Lord gave him a kick and he said that day that we passed by was his kick!! It was awesome!! This guy is so cool! He had us over for lunch the next day where he explained that about 10 or so years later he used to go out with the missionaries every day. Literally. He said he missed like two days a year and one day he just decided to stop coming because he got affended in the church!! I feel amazing that we were a part of his reactivation. he has a daughter that lives in Sandy The family name is DAVIS and they say they know me but I'm not sure!

I wish I had more time to write about that but I hope you get the idea of how cool it is!! Zulma our awesome investigator was sick this week but she called us yesterday and told us to come by because she is felling better. (for an investigator to call you is a big deal).

Oh yeah I'm getting transfered!!! And to say the least it was HARD saying bye to everyone! I had a goal this last transfere to get to know the members and I got to know pretty much all of them and to love them!! It was so hard!! And expecially to our investigators!! The family of the kid I baptised gave me a present and he drew me a picture!! They are awesome!!

Anyway I got to go but you all sound awesome and thank you so much for your support!! I have a picture of ya'll in my book of mormon and when I pull that out and testify of the Family I think the ground shakes!! This family is amazing!! Thank you so much!!

Love Elder Knudsen

P.S. Mom I thisnk I have your insurence card or something. I found it in my walet. it is the United American Insurance Company card... Do you need that! Love you all talk to you next monday.>Oh yeah I'm not sure yet where I am going. I leave tomorrow. But it isn't the island no worries!!

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