Saturday, October 10, 2009


Dear Family,
I hope you all watched all of the conference sessions!! Okay I understand if you didn't but know that I actually pay attention and Try to learn I don't know how you wouldn't want to watch all the sessions!! This church is awesome!! I agree with you mom I feel the main topic was love!! For sure!! Okay okay okay the best talk... ELDER HOLLAND!!! like always he is awesome!! That talk was so powerful!! I can't wait untill the liahona comes out and we can read through it again and study all the other talks!! Our awesome investigator, Zulma, Came to the last session and really liked it. She was a little bugged that we didn't tell her to bring something to take notes ha ha When we talked to her about it after she said it was really good and also that she met someone she knew and he said that when she gets baptised he will sing at her bauptism meeting!! She still doesn't feel ready but she knows its coming!! Hopefully I get to see her enter the waters!! I love teaching her! It makes everything awesome!! She likes to see us and learn its awesome!! Everyone she knows basically doesn't agree with her going to church and all and she has had 5 deaths in her family in the last 5 weeks but she is still strong!! She is a great example!! So transfers are a week from tomorrow so I guess we'll see what happens... Anyway sorry I dont have much time but I love you all and thanks for you support!! Be ever faithful!! Study the basics of the gospel regularly with pray!! I know life is awesome when we feel the spirit everyday!! Sincerely pray!! I know our prays are answered!! I love this gospel and I love this family!! Have a good week and I'll talk to you next week!!!!!!!
Love Elder Knudsen!

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