Saturday, October 10, 2009

I love the mission!!!

Dear Family,
This week has been awesome!! Its like a different world out here on a mission. A world that I've always wanted!! It seems like everyone knows us and everyone wants to talk to us. When we're ridding from appointment to appointment we see people that we have contacted and they are always happy to see us. Everyone is always giving us stuff wherever we go! Like is a banana man who gave us like 20 or 30 bananas and like a guy that sales hair gel that just gives us like tubs of it even thought we don't use it. I love knowing everyone and almost everyone having good feelings to us!
So The father of the kid I baptized isn't really progressing still. We're still going to work with him and tonight we have a family night with him and his family at the house of our New investigator, the one who prayed in church last week (Zulma). Zulma is progressing loads. She is always keeping her committments and really studying! She writes down the scriptures and studies them when she has time! Its awesome! And her husband works on a farm so everytime we go over there they load us up with Mangos and applebananas (bananas that taste like apples) avacodoes and all sorts of stuff!! We can barely carry it home! We keep telling them to not give us so much but they say they are going to throw it away! Anyway to say the least she is really doing good right now. Her husband and family don't really support her in her decision to investigate but she is still pulling through!>
My Companion is doing a lot better and we have a lot stronger relationship now!
We had a funeral in our ward this week and our ward really came together it was awesome! We had like 70 people in church! (alot) Also a less active came that said his daughter or someone lives in sandy and she came to puerto rico and they expected to see me but we visited this less active man like 3 days after they came and left. I think there last name was like Davi Or davis or something.
Its been a great week! I love it out here! I love learning more about the gospel and I love seeing it bless people! Make sure you all are having family night and praying together every day! Its awesome! And study the scriptures too, not just read them, study them ha ha Anyway you all know that just a quick reminder!
Yeah the Ipod is awesome! I love it! Those little speakers sure get loud. Sometimes I Blast AL GRAN PROFETA and many others!
Mom good work with the Primary program it sounds like a success and Dad it sounds like choir is coming along nicely without too much stress for now!
Does anyone ever get the chance to go out with the missionaries???? Its awesome!! Do it if you ever get the chance!
Thats awesome for BYU are they already in confrence play!?
Anyway I love you all and thanks so much for being examples in my life! I was blessed to be the youngest in the family and have everyones example to live by!! Thank you and have a great week!
Love Elder Knudsen

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