Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Family, (12/07/09)

Dear Family,
Well this week was... A trial of faith! We were sick for the first part and it seemed like almost all of our citas fell through but its okay because this next week is going to be awesome!! This week is a little crazy, we're going to Aruba tomorrow for the day and last night we stayed out till ten to watch the Christmas confrence and this weekend we have a baptism and the president is coming to the island.
Oh yeah sister Neff is the one of the only two sisters on the island! She came last transfere!! She is really cool! She is actuall just like Our cousin Sister Brown. I'll have to ask her about Jill!! Its a small world!!
Yeah so we have a man named Oscar that is 100% ready for everything!! He reads the scriptures the Liahonas and goes to the church websites always comes to church and always is wanting to learn more about the church!! He wants to meet with us like everynight!! He reads the chapters that we give him about ten times over and takes notes on every verse!! He is awesomed!! He kept us a float this week!
Anyway everything is going well here and I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas confrence As much as Mom and I. I need to get going but I love you all so much and thanks so much for your letters and DONT FORGET TO RECORD THE HALELUAH Chorus for me!! Have a great week everyone and enjoy this time of year!!
Love, Elder Knudsen

I know this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ came to the earth to suffer for our sins and I know that only through him can we return to live with our father in heaven. I know that because the True Church has been restored on the earh we can know the way back to our father in heaven. Always remeber to have faith, repent and then keep up the keep up the good work. The Savior paid the price for sin on the cross and when he resorected he made it possible to get the bodies we need to enter into the kingdom of God. This is so true. The Savior is everything and without him we're nothing. Remember what this time of the is really about.

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