Thursday, December 30, 2010


Dear Family,
So that was super sweet to be able to talk to you all. You all look great!! I can not believe how big our family is. It was super motivating to talk to you all! It gave me the desire to just go crazy working!!!
So things here are going super good!! We have a family preparing to be bapised in January and also the 18 year old who is going to be baptised here soon!! Its really hard to get everything done in our own area when we have so much other stuff to do like for instance this week we have been traveling the island doing training and we will only have like 2 days in our area and we have to still get all our goals!! It will be crazy! The president told us to keep all of the 31st free, I guess he has something planned.
i'm really glad you got to go to Micheals homecoming. He is a great missionary. I heard he didnt really get to talk that much but I'm sure he did great! The last two days we have been in Mayaguez and Ponce. Those are the farthest away zones but we have been going on splits and practicing teaching and everything!! It is so awesome! I have had some great experiences. It is cool because I can go like to a lot of different areas and still know a lot of people. When we were going around to all the stake conferences, i got to see all the people that I got to know while I was serving in all the different areas. its super sweet. While I was on a trade off with some of the missionaries they ran out of things to do and didnt plan very well so I just decided to go to teach someone that we had been teaching more than a year ago. Come to find out we found the old investigators 23 year old son who was in the army when we were visiting them. The missionaries had lived right next to these people for a super long time but they had never invited him to the church and he is interested!! So we invited him to church and taught him and i really think they are going to see some success from it!! The spirit is so strong here! Well not much else has happened since Saturday.
I love this work and I love the Lord!! I love what he has blessed us with!! We have been blessed with one of the few united families!! I love you all and am so happy to be part of such a great family!! I hope you all have a great week and we will talk to you next week!! Please pray for the Mercano family and Josue.
Love elder Knudsen

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