Thursday, August 20, 2009

Great week

Dear family,
This week has been great! The Lady that came to church last week for the first time in twenty years, Nancy, her son has a baptismal date and now her husband and her daughter are investigators. They are a pretty cool family and the son is way way hyper active but we have fun with him.>
Also the guy that just showed up to church last week also has a baptismal date!! It’s great! He has read the whole Book of Mormon and stopped drugs and alcohol and now we're just helping him with smoking and to stay away from alcohol and drugs.>
We also have 6 awesome investigators!! They are all really nice and actually seem interested! Pretty much all of them look like gang members with sleeve tattoos and earrings and corn rows but they are cool!>
So in comparing this week to last week is like night and day. We have two baptismal dates, and six sweet investigators! I'm stoked! The Lord is really is blessing us. I think it’s because our president asks us to get 140 contacts a week that we contact when we're just doing our daily activities and we have really been concentrating on that. So for the past four weeks we have met that goal and seen the blessings!>
My comp is being more on time now (it could be because I set his watch fast one night when he wasn't watching) but it helped.>
We had trade offs this week and I was in charge of my area!!! It was crazy! I had to call the members to come out with us, lead the lessons and contact people and the whole thing!! It was so hard! But it made me appreciate my companion because I saw that not all missionaries are as obedient as him!>
So I found out that my mission president was actually an interrogator in Vietnam!! Ha so those interviews area really intense ha ha But my Mission president is extremely smart and way cool! He and his wife are awesome!>
So you guys need to slow down on the golf!!! Ha just kidding practice all you can now and maybe someone will get close to beating dad and I. You guys are crazy for going with Lindsey’s dad! I've heard a lot about him. Oh and Justin, if your using my driver still you might want to check the driver head, I think it has a dent and that can mess you up a lot.>
Mom you would love the fruit here!! There is so much and it is all so good! I had a guanabana and a kanapa this week and they were delicious! We also have avocados and lemons mad mangos like mad!>
Those classes that you guys are going to take sound awesome! Keep me updated on those and that’s awesome about Patrice's car!! That is going to be sweet to see her driving a mini van when I get back!!>
Anyway thanks for your love and support and all the examples! Talk to you next week.>
Love Elder Knudsen>>
P.S. Dad her name is actually Marie and it’s actually Brody that has the plaque ha ha>

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