Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Dear family,
Hows it going?! You all sound good! Okay to start off the work has slowed down a little since last week. We only had one investigator in church yesterday. But its okay, we got 7 new investigators this week and we still have our others tambein. Joselito is working to over come some of his problems and we're working along side him. Eddie Manuel is still a hyper 10 year old but he wants to be baptised still and we're teaching him all about the gospel. Tonight we are having a family night with him and his family. This week we rode our bikes to a members house that was way up in the mountains. It was like riding form mom and dads house all the way up to snowbird. It was so cool! It was like going on a bike ride at home and when we finally got there the food was amazing. I love those members. They are an older couple that are so happy and content. Anyway the views up there are awesome! Its beautiful. The members gave us a menos activo name and so we figured on our way back we would visit him. so we were running late and way tired from ridding all the way up there and when we got to the menos activos street we saw that his house was further up the mountain. So we took serious consideration to just keep going and not visit him but I decided why not lets do it. Am i glad we did. He has a super strong testimony still and is really spiritual. he is older and really really stuck in his ways but he admitted to smoking and said that maybe now is the time he needs to start coming back to church. It was an amazing experience! The mission is full of little experiences like this. I wish I had time to write them all! Anyway I love this work. Its way hard but i love it. The words of my brothers are always in my head, "the mission is awesome but you have to work HARDER THAN YOU EVER HAVE IN YOUR LIFE" I love this mission, I love the people here, I love being a servent of the lord. I love this gospel.
So you guys got me an i-pod?! WOW you really went all out. Thanks so much that'll be so nice to have. Because i havent heard music in so long its normal for me to pick up my hymn book whenever we're home and just start singing hymns. I love the Hymns. Dad, I now understand why you like "a poor way faring man of greif" so much!! I read that song the other day and it is so spiritual! But thank you so much for the package. I havent gotten it yet but thank you anyway!
Okay so whats the big idea about my scripture on my plaque ha ha I have hear that it is... Interesting. Isn't it cool?! I love those verses! Its like saying BRING IT!!! Its like saying give me hard times and trials and all kinds of problems because the Lord is on my side and my strength will only grow in him through trials.
So it sounds like you guys are doing a little too much golfing... Maybe that time would be used better studying the scriptures or something... ha ha okay nevermind golf as much has possible! You guys are practicing a lot but from the scores justin gave me it sounds about the same. Dad first, then.... justin and chris somewhere behind ha ha no just kiddin. But family I love you so much. thanks for all your support. And if anyone ever wants to share some of there mission experience with me or just spiritual experiences I'd love to hear them.
Mom and dad hows the classes at BYU? How is the home and my dog and my room?!... be honest. Oh and thanks for catching that with my card! i dont know what happened. When the office called me and said that he just talked to my mom my jaw dropped and i was like WHAT?! My mom, Robin Knudsen really, you just talked to her, What did she say ha ha it was kinda a different experience.
So the spanish is coming slowly. I understood a whole conversation this week and answered and everythinig and i have to give a 10 minute talk this sunday so we'll see how it goes. We're advertising it to our investigaters as come what me make a fool of myself, it'll be really fun!
Anyway thanks so much for everything you do gor me i love you all so much and it was great hearing from you!!!> Love Elder Knudsen>

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