Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a week!

Dear Family,
Thank you for all your support and prayers! They are really helping out here. Its really cool being a missionary because its like your in this bubble with the Savior and the guidence of the spirit everywhere you go. I had the opportunity to baptise one of our investigaters this week. It was the ten year old boy who has the mother who was inactive for 20 years but is coming back to church now. It was so cool. It wasn't the baptism that was so cool though it was the events that led up to it. This kid is EXTREMELY hyper and everytime we teach we can't get him to listen and so I was a little hesitent about the baptism but I talked to the mission president and he said to baptise him and so we kept working for the baptismal date. Anyway Later that week he was interview by another elder to be baptised. After the interview i was talking to the elder and he told me how eddi had explained tithing to him and how he should treat his body and what things are bad and he explained how the law of chastity is to not kiss a girl untill he is married ha ha It was SO cool to see are hard work pay off even when we didn't think it was. At first Eddie wouldn't pray but I Would whisper in his ear the prayer and he would say it ususally. The cool thing is throughout this time of getting Eddi ready for baptism his father would never pray at any of the lessons. Anyway Eddi would always tell his dad to say it but he never would. This last week before his baptism his dad finally prayed because eddie went over to his father, Folded his fathers arms, Shut his fathers Eyes and bowed his fathers head and whispered the words into his fathers ear. That was so cool to see. This kid is going to be an awesome example for his father and now all we need to do is help his father be baptised now.
The baptism was pretty crazy. Like I said this kid is really hyper. Well I got into the water and he followed but he stood on one of the steps and stayed stiff as a board and just fell into the water!!!! Then he swam a lap and I finally grabbed him and but him in the middle to say the pray and baptise him. After he was baptised it was a struggle getting him out of the water!! He was splashing and yelling like he was in a full size pool and nobody was watching. The witnesses finally just closed the doors on the font so not everyone was watching and I grabed him and made him get our ha ha it was crazy!
The Lord is really blessing my companion and I. The Families we found are struggling a little but now we have time to concentrate on them. So those are just of few of the sweet experiences this week. I dont have time to share them all.
BYU is number 7!!!!!!!!!! Thats awesome. Make sure and Update me on this upcoming game. It sounds like this one is the tester. '54-3 wow thats a statement right!! I only have one thing to say raw raw rawrawraw raw raw rawrawraw goooooooooo cougers ha ha My comp thinks its weird when I start singing that song at our apartment and he even went to BYU!!
I have been playing the piano a little bit for church here and that has been fun. Anyway how is everyone at home? Patrice got her van, thats cool. Jared is taring it up in Hendersen and Chris is saling some houses what else?! Anyway everyone write me and give me an update on your life! The weather is heating up... it feels like but its okay. So I heard 24 has started back up!! They have it in spanish too i guess. And we usually get more lunch appointments than anything!
Hey mom or dad will you get the reference form steve hoskins. he said before I left that he had a reference for me but I never got it.
Anyway everything is good and thanks for all you do. Have a good week and I'll hear form you next monday!
Love Elder Knudsen>>

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