Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello, Hello, Hello

Dear Family,
BYU WON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Thats awesome!! They had been preparing for that game for a long time! The had a count down calendar in the locker room when my Old Comp was playing for them!! That must have been quite a game 14-13! Pretty close! Thats so cool. What is BYU ranked?! Its a good thing I wore my Sweet BYU shirt for our P-Day activity!! Keep me updated on all the BYU stuff!
So this week has been pretty good. A member just returned from a mission so that got the ward a little more animated and we should have a baptism this saturday so that should help as well. I'm Really loving it out hear and yeah time is going by way fast.
We Found another family this week! I love teaching families! And we are teaching an older guy who came to church on his own a few weeks back. He has came now for three weeks in a row and his wife came this last week and she wansn't interested at first but I think she liked church and so hopefully we have some success with them.
Mom, you bore your testimony?! Good work! How'd it go?! Did you cry ha ha its okay crying is good. Oh and my talk last week went really well! I talked on faith in Christ and shared and analogy and then tried to motivate the members to help the misson work more with an article in the Liahona. The Article talked about how the missionaries baptize about 1 in every 1000 homes they contact but if they get a 400 or 600 (I can't remember the amount exactly) in every 1000 people that are through the members. I think everyone understood me ha ha The language is rough. Its slowly slowly coming but honestly it is coming SLOWLY.
Oh yeah I got my debit card and the addresses thanks so much for getting those for me. Ha ha dad that was a pretty sneaky way to give me my PIN number. Thanks for the little notes you wrote as well. Oh yeah and you gave me Devins email but I'm not suppose to email anyone but family... Are you guys trying to tempt me? No just kidding anyway sorry I ask you guys to do so much but will someone email him for me and as him for his physical address. (he can email whoever) Thank you so much. oh and thanks so much for the i-pod i can't wait to have some music finally!!!
Did you guys get that letter from elder Rolston? thanks for forwarding that to me!! It was really cool to hear from him!
Anyway thanks so much for everything I love you all and thanks for your support. Stay strong in this gospel! Its true! We know it is. We need to remember our blessings and spiritual experiences! Check out D and C 6:22-23.
Have a great week and talk to you next week!>Love Elder Knudsen>

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