Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crazy week

Hey family.
Hows everyone doing?! Okay well this week was a little crazy! Especially the last part! To start off we had to drop one of our baptismal dates because he was lying to use and was having trouble with the word of wisdom. So to answer your question dad yeah we have had some trouble with the word of wisdom. But they have this sweet stop smoking lesson that we use that really works if they follow all the steps. And we taught him that lesson and we took his cigarette boxes and covered them with pictures of the savior and sayings and then we filled the boxes with rolled up pieces of paper that had motivational sayings on them and then gave it back to him so he could carry it everywhere with him for support but I guess he was a little unstable in the mind and was using other kind of drugs so we had to change his baptismal date.
We still have the other one and man i love going over to this families house and teaching them. I can feel the family love. The family unit is definately ordained of God.
So this week was transferres and I got Called to labor...... in the islands!!! To help you understand how big of a deal this is let me explain. Going to the islands is like a different mission call. You have to learn 2 new languages, new culture, new money and once you go to the islands you are there for awhile. like a year or so. And the Mail takes a lot longer. So as you can Imagen when I got the Call to go down there I was a little stressed out knowing I would have to learn 2 new languages when I dont even know the first. So after about 24 hours of getting ready to go and stressing i got another call telling me that there had been some changes and they closed an area in the Islands so I will actually be here in Ponce for the next six weeks. And that is fine by me. I really just want to get the spanish down good. But the funny thing is i gave a talk in church and said by to loads of people and stuff and then ended up staying ha ha oh well now i will be able to see our investigator Eddie Manuel be baptised. ( Oh yeah Micheal Alisa is in the island, he is the one grandma and grandpa know, so I haven't been able to talk to him yet but if I get called down there next Transfere i will be able to talk to him).
Also it was my Companions birthday this week and I made him a Chocolate on chocolate cake with TANG powder writing. I tried to make that day exciting but it just wasn't too exciting ha ha. i think birthdays might be pretty hard on the mission. So did I tell you how my comp likes to eat weird things like bread cereal and tortillas with speggetti sauce and stuff. Well anyway I keep reminding him of Justins companion in the MTC who made a PB and J sandwhich with M and M's on it and then left the MTC. I tell him he better be careful. My companion and I are really getting along now.
Mom I got the Letter and the shirt!!!!! Thanks so much thats sweet! Educational week sounds awesome. Are you guys taking classes or anything?! Oh yeah so I'm at my apartment for another 6 weeks so if you send anything physical send it to my apt. address which is:
Cond. Las Americas
2197 Ave. Las Americas
Apt 703
Ponce, Pr 00717-0727
We Also Found 2 sweet families this week who will be really fun to teach! I'm really excited for them. One of them had a keyboard hooked up to some sweet speakers so I got to show off a little bit on the piano.
Do you all Read the church magazines?! They are sweet!!! I love them! I never realized it before but they are so spiritual and have such great messages. Anyway I should go. I came prepared today to study some stuff while my companion finishes his emails.
I love you some much family! Thank you for all your love and support. I'll be sending a video sometime soon so you can all hear and see me sort of but mainly for the Sobrinas and the Sobrino so they can know me a little better.
This church is true! I know it without a doubt. Remeber before you read the scriptures or study the gospel SAY A PRAYER. It makes a HUGE HUGE diference. It invites the spirit and everything! Love you and have a good week!>Love Elder Knudsen

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