Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2nd to Last Week of Training

Hey Fam! Good to hear from you! So yeah Time is flying!! This is crazy! So this week has been awesome! I told you that 27 new latinos came to the MTC (which doubled the people here) And so everyone got 2 latino roomates. HA, ha, wow they different. Ours are way cool though. It's awesome! He's way positive and always happy! I'm already closer to these lations than I am to some of the people in my zone!
So I have been working so hard this week! I feel so good at the end of the day! Every moment I try to be doing something that will help me. The spanish is struggling. I can get my point across, but not using the right grammar. The grammar part so hard! My comp and I are getting up early to work out and its awesome.
So the university experience this week... Our buddy victor was there again so we went to talk to him for a bit trying to make it only 5 minutes so we could practice contacts with other people, but he had so many questions and so it ended up being 40 minutes, but we gave him a book of mormon and he was way way excited. Anyway after that we had like 40 minutes to contact ten more people. We ended up contacting 11 people all together. The best in the district. But we had a lesson on talking to EVERYONE because few will be ready for the gospel and so the more you contact the more possiblies you have to get people that are ready. Our goal for this monday at the university is 34 which is like unheard of but that way we do our part to get 100 contacts with our district. Its going to be hard but anything is possible with the Lord. You'll hear about the result next week. Oh yeah and we get refferals for the missionaries here.
So you sound like you've had a pretty fun 4th! Why didn't you hit up the rodeo or the demolition derby. And the real question is who lit off my fireworks?! I paid good money for those! I have to admit I'm glad I wasn't there for the work part of the cabin! So what happened with mushrooms at the cabin... Remember the word of wisdom family! And Linds why did you let that lady take the pizza!? That doesn't sound like You ha ha. You went golfing eh. That is something we will definately have to do when I get back. Good job on the closest to the pin though dad. The river sounds awesome!! Its so fun!! I will never forget the time Justin and I and Lindsey went down that when it was like lindseys first time with the family. Hey!!! no lunch for you!!! (Justin tell the family the story if they cant remember). Dad you got another motorcycle?! sweet! Chris is the motorcycle nice?!
Oh and the temple. Yeah Mom I've been three times already! Its awesome! I have pictures of the temple and me and everything but i'm trying to figure out if it'd be safe to send my memory card or not. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Oh and i have heard all about the BYU news with my comp!! I guess they have a count down thing in the lockeroom till oaklahoma.
Dad, Why are you writting so late!? get to bed eh. You know what they say early to bed early to wise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.>
So anyway not much new this week. I have noticed myself getting more mature and... well... I don't think I like it but I guess I have to. I love the temple. I learn so much there. Just like things come in my mind where its an ansewer to things I've been thinking. Its crazy how your mind set changes here. Like I no longer try to do stuff for myself, I do things so I can better help the people in Puerto Rico. Really. Like I used to just say that in Provo but here I really mean it. For instance I have been wanting a stronger testimony and when I was in the temple I was just thinking I don't need a stronger testimony, I'm never going to leave the church. I know its true. But then I realized I could probably help the people in Puerto Rico Better with a stronger testimony and so that's why I want one. Everything is like that! Even working out. Its weird.>
Anyway family I love ya and thank you so much for your love and support. I will send you my address in puerto rico when I have it. I'm pretty sure I leave here the 21st of this month. BUt I love you so much Have a great week! Remeber to keep the sabbath day holy. Its way more important than I think any of us understand.> Love Elder Knudsen

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