Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The DR #2

Alright well I have 10 minutes. What has happened?! So this is probably going to be short because I only have ten Minutes and I was told to watch my spelling and capitalization so it will not go very fast.Thanks for the letters y'all. I get so happy when I get on Thursday morning and I have mail. I guess I need to cut straight to the points. This week has been fast. Yes, I am still sick but I just choke the food down then pop some Pepto Bismoal and some Tylenol for the cramps and I'm good. Yeah email is probably the best way to get me so spread the word. They said that if someone was going to send you a package to tell them to not send it because you probably won't get it.
So that return appointment at the university was on Monday and our man Victor came through and brought five of his friends. The problem was they were more interested in learning English then the gospel so we shared our testimony, passed out some pamphlets and bounced. Our time is important. What else?What do you guys like to hear about? let me know. Picture hour is this Tuesday so I'll try and send my memory card home sometime next week. Thanks everyone for your support and your love and your letters you all mean so much to me. I think i got to go. Peach out!I love you all.Love, Darin
P.S. I will give my scripture to the bishop, I have to write him back

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