Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Letter MTC 5/21/09

Mom, Dad, Everyone
Well, I’m here. It’s CRAZY! I was supposed to write you a letter last night but I have been crazy stressed and I haven’t had time for anything! I have so much to do and zero time! Anyway I’m super homesick and really stressed out, but that’s about it. (I only included that so you would pray for me…) I am staying positive and trying to have a little fun! It’s hard to have fun when you have so much other, more important stuff to do.
Stuff that I want to be sure to say in this letter is as follows:
My companion is pretty cool and same with my district.
Tell everyone to check out dearelder.com (I hear I can get same day letters)
I am thankful for every person individually in our family and love everyone VERy much!! (I will expound when I have more time)
Grandma knew what she was doing when she hung the pictures of our family up they keep me going!
Time is short so I would be able to write very often. Sorry
Thanks for the Journal! (I haven’t read it or looked at the family pictures yet because I don’t want my comp to see me cry, yet)
I love the FOOD!!
Tell Chris and Justin that not only do I always hear the “Welcome to the jungle” sound track but I heard the “Star Wars Theme” today during class and it was awesome! (They will know what that means)
I could write for pages but have no time. I love everyone, thank you so much!
Love, your son

Darin Knudsen

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