Monday, June 22, 2009


Dear fam,
Okay so this is crazy. This place is so poor. Good thing the church is loaded and I live on temple grounds because as soon as you leave the 15 foot wall around us its crazy!! I don't know where to start. The food here is horrible. It is like top of the line food for people here but for me it is horrible. Lunch is the big meal and we usually have LOADS of rice with beans on top and some chicken then some mystery meat that nobody knows what it is, also we have some hard bread a banana and fruit punch. I usually fast lunch ha ha I´m so sick of this food. I have had diarrea for about 2 days now. Breakfast is usually pretty good, the milk is sorta salty though its weird. But breakfast is actually the best meal for me. What else, So this MTC is a little bit more lazy but I´m still pushing myself way hard. I´m still way stressed out about time all the time so I think that's a good thing. My new comp is Hawaiian. He red shirted last year for BYU. He is pretty cool and 100% obedient, and works hard as well. He is pretty smart. Its funny to hear what happens in the BYU locker room and to hear about all the guys we watch on TV. Dad you won in quipt toe huh wow good job I didn´t think the day would come when mom or grandma or Stacey didn't win. And mom you cleaned out the gutters eh that's impressive. yeah it does stink and it gets all over you. Thanks everyone for the letters I´d write you back but I don´t have very much time. So I´ve had some missionary experiences... I told you about the one with the born again lady, but then on the plane to here, the DR, I sat next to this guy that had a go-T and was black and dressed well and wore a lot of rings and stuff and had sunglasses. To say the least he was scary. Finally by the end of the flight I worked up the courage to talk to him. I found out he has a family and he is catholic but everyone says their catholic and it doesn't mean anything. He found out I was nervous to go through customs because my Spanish is bad but as we were getting off the plane I bore my testimony to him and game him a pass along card in Spanish, he then said if I need any help with customs he has my back. I felt cool that that guy had my back. Also while waiting for the plane that day I practiced my Spanish with a lady and did the same with her even though she said my Spanish is horrible. Here we go to the university that has about 120,000 students and practice making contacts once a week. Its on Mondays so this Monday my comp and I made 5 contacts and got their numbers and addresses and set a a return appointment for us. which is weird because we are getting these referrals for the full time missionaries here but the guy, his name is victor said he wanted to meat us again. So why not, we´ll probably baptize him while in the MTC. So I´ve seen 2 stray dogs and been hit on a lot. This place is crazy. I´ve seen the sinks that Chris and I´m sure Justin as well washed their clothes in and everything. everybody drives crazy. like the traffic lights here mean nothing. Oh yeah and the classes are all taught in Spanish so its super hard to learn anything. Whats new at home? I´ve gotten one DearElder from Jared this week but I think they only give them out once a week, Don´t send packages here because I won't get them. I would say number one thing to do is email on this or write on dearelder. What is everyone up to, tell me whats going on there. oh and we´re not allowed to take pictures so I don´t know what I´m going to do about that. Maybe sometime later they will let us take pictures and after I do I´ll send my memory card home, maybe even with some voice recordings on it. I love you all so so so much. Thanks for everything. I couldn´t ask for a better family. Sorry I didn´t get to talk to everyone on the phone as much as I wanted so sorry but there is always Christmas right. Anyway that's that and i hate the food, I´m surviving on the candy from the packages in Provo except my comp eats a lot so there are diminishing fast. LOVE YA ALL
Darin Knudsen

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