Saturday, June 6, 2009

MTC 6/5/09 Swine Flu

So I hope this works and I hope I got the right e-mail address!! Anyway what up fam!? Hows everyone doing?! So from the story of the cabin it sounds like Chris and Justin still haven't grown up yet. It sounds about like chris to blame a rock for starting the fire. Ha Ha just kidding. So the MTC is crazy! I'm doing a lot better now and I'm not really homesick. I mean I still love you all but I think I can actually concentrate a litte better now. > Have you guys heard about the swine flu?! Ha Ha its like a zoo here! Nobody dares do any bodily function for fear of being sentenced to 4M!!! (4M is like the prison for all the sick people. they have taken a whole residence building and made it isolation!!! Its crazy, our zone leader said he felt a little bit sick and we haven't seen him all week! Its the same building as the barborshop so today when I got my haircut we went up one flight of stairs and signs were saying DO NOT ENTER UNLESS YOU LIVE HERE. MISSIONARIES STAY AWAY. I talked to someone who talked to one of the missionaries in there and he said they had to talk through a small window but the kid in isolation said I feel fine but they wont let me out!! They are all so lonely in there. they just stare out the windows ha ha you can see them at night. we actually got a letter form our district president from the inside that said its like a zoo in there. A lot of the Missionaries are not keeping the rules!! ha ha I was actually way sick last week but i never told anyone for fear of 4M. Whats the news in the outside world on the swine flu. I'm not worried i'm tough as nails. Its actually way way funny!! Its totally helped lighten the mood here. And they equiped us with inhailers ha ha to fight sickness!! Its pretty serious. you can't even leave your room if your sneezing or coughing or anything!! Its funny. Oh and it helps that mom sent me with all this allergy medicine and EMERGEN-C's so thanks mom.) Sorry this letter is kinda scattered, this little red clock in the corner that is counting down is stressing me out!!!! > Anyway, my flight plans and travel plans have stayed the same. originally they weren't going to let us out of here untill the 15th but I think they know it would be best to get out of this MTC de Muerte!! but they gave me a call home pass to tell you this so let me know if you want me to call home and when. It can only be five minutes though, but when I travel I can call whoever whenever so make sure EVERYONE is by there phones on the 11th!! So how is everyone?! Is my dog still kickin? does bode still like me better then justin? Thanks so much for the packages everyone!! The spanish is so bloody hard for me!! I can't get it but I know it'll come and even if it doesn't I'm leaving for the DR on the 11th so I will be fully sumbmerssed in spanish!> I love you all. I really am SO SO lucky to have such a tight family!! Everyone is such a great example to me. Mom and Dad you really did it right! You should be proud!! I'm Going to try and write some hand written personal letters if I have time so be looking for those! And justin the eagle has not landed. I would be totally in but it might be hard... anyway I know I have so much more to say but this little red clock in the corner is killing me!! I'll try and write some hand written letters!! I love you all Thanks so much for all the great examples and for all you do for me. I will always be greatful for you all. My love for our family has been so magnified being here. Oh year and my hair..... chou! I look so goofy. I will send pictures as soon as i can. And i got a digital voice recorder to listen to the BOM in spanish so i might be able to send some voice clips. DAD i'm getting really good at singing base!! My whole district is Way good at singing and I'm doing what I can. Thank you so much for everything!! I'm doing great now. I can now look at pictures of the family and read letters and write letters without it affecting my whole day. LOVE> Elder Knudsen, Darin Dar Darwin "D"

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